Seven puts a Tiger in the tank

tiger4The Seven Network is shooting a new series based around budget airline Tiger Airways.

TV Tonight understands the new series will be similar to the Jetstar series Going Places previously aired on the Nine Network, but possibly with less advertorial content.

“The good, bad and ugly of Tiger,” a source said.



Shooting at Melbourne’s Tullamarine airport it is being overseen by a field producer from Border Security.

Airline-based shows continue to perform well with both Border and Customs pulling big audiences.


  1. Jason I would have thought most parents would ask a child to go to the toilet before getting on the plane (even if you don’t need to, just go and try). We were always told that as kids, mine were told that and most people I know were also told. What happens when you go somewhere where toilets are not close by, does she wet herself then? Surely you were not escorted off by the federal police because she wet her pants. What are you not telling in your coment. Also, itineraries clearly state that checkin closes strictly 45 minutes before departure.

  2. This show made Tiger airways look unhelpful and heartless. Clearly there is alot of bureaucratic red tape, but making someone under 18 tout the line for any random person to sign a waiver is sheer absurdity. The customer surface staff although they have rules to follow and cold and unsympathetic. I’d fly Virgin or Jetstar anyday.

  3. my daughter of 6 was made 2 urinate in her pants and on the seat and then sit in it best they could offer was 3 dish wipes,within 2 mins of seat belt sign ,cabin crew were walking around for next 10 mins great start for a little girls first flight,, then got escorted off by fed police,,,,,,,, also had the 1 minute late senario and not given anthing but sorry,, cost me over 1000 ,,,, great airline not,, pay the extra noot worth it,,,,,and we pay a levy for toilet

  4. omg I can’t wait for this show, I used to work for Tiger and heard that it was coming. It will show everyone that the poor checkin staff really need to be payed alot more!! People act disgusting at airports (i’m still there but with a diff airline now). Woohooo can’t wait!!!!

  5. Umm why does it say in the description that its shot at Tullamarine airport when the pictures clearly show its the gold coast coolangatta airport?

  6. My_boeing_ 767

    David, I know the producer and it is not funded in anyway by Tiger Airways.
    Channel 7 has put up the cash.
    Its warts and all, Tiger wanted it to educate the Australian public in regard to how the Low cost model actually works.
    They want people to understand that LLCs are not full service airlines, do not charge like full service airlines nor do they offer all the trimming of full service airlines.
    Its must see TV !

  7. This was just released by Seven:Air Ways: An unprecedented look at the day-to-day running of a budget airline in Australia – all the stress and joy of travel come together in this series
    as passengers and the staff from Tiger Airways contends with misplaced
    luggage, delayed flights and even a wedding. joins a new slate of new Australian-made
    programming, all coming soon to Seven.

  8. sounds like a great show I can’t wait to see it!
    I just want to ask David if it was self funded why would it they be showing “the good, the bad and the ugly”? I think this show has great potential.

    • I guess because we know these kinds of shows are usually glorified advertorials. If it steers towards credibility it can hold an audience better. I’m guessing it won’t be that “ugly…”

  9. Ahh so that’s what it was
    I appeared in the background of a scene when flying on tiger in January.
    The producer seemed to be egging on the family who were denied entry.

  10. There was a pilot program that was in pre production with Virgin Blue late last year, alas over the 4 weeks filming process there really wasnt much action happening at the airport. It was originally slated for Seven, could have this been swapped for Tiger?

  11. Might be ok but it will be a success for 2 reasons
    1 it is a factual
    2 it is on seven
    Didn’t even know that there was one based on jetstar I probably would have watched it if I had known

  12. I’d love it, if it very much resembled the EasyJet, Airline model. It meant that it was realistic without the airline editing away errors they made. Often it’s just moronic people who miss their flight due to external actions, going off their nut at the poor desk girl/boy.

  13. Interesting in that TT ran a story last week about Tiger and the problems travellers have with the airline changing schedules etc etc etc

    check out the video on TT site.

  14. ‘new series will be similar to the Jetstar series previously aired on the Nine Network’

    Wasn’t that from the UK and focused on Easyjet Airlines?

  15. Neon Kitten,
    the Jetstar series on Nine was called Going Places. It originally aired in 2007 and was repeated last summer on late Sunday mornings.

    I hope that this Tiger series is more like Airline and less like Going Places.

  16. This should be very interesting. Although I have flown with Tiger a couple of times and have had no problems, I know many people who have. Having said that, I personally get no entertainment out of seeing rude customers abuse staff for things that are not their fault, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out….

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