Spirited to Foxtel

karvan1A drama series previously tipped to be heading to the Nine Network will now be produced for Foxtel.

Spirited is being developed by the team behind Love My Way: John Edwards, Claudia Karvan and Jacquelin Perske,

The eight-part ‘love/ghost story’ will also be co-written by Ian Meadows and directed by Jessica Hobbs and Stuart McDonald.

Claudia Karvan, who appears in Saved for SBS tomorrow, will also star.

Source: Screen Australia


  1. Looking forward to seeing this. Only 8 episodes to watch a first time and then they will be repeated forever….This is gonna be shorter than Love My Way or Satisfaction .Then the dvd release will be available eventually for non Foxtel viewers.

  2. well i thought 9 was onto a winner with this. it’s a shame it had to be picked up by foxtel instead of a FTA network. (nothing against foxtel, just that most people won’t see it now)

    i wonder if 9 will start looking for a new drama now? their drama slate is a bit small now that mcleods is gone. they need either a soap of a 40-weeker that runs all year to get those drama quotas up.

  3. 9 has so many trashy shows and so many more to come. this was one show that i thought would improve the balances and make it seem a bit better, something about it just says good quality. but now its 100% rubbish.

    this would an unneeded drop in their drama content points a bit. i mean this year 7 has about 210 hours of aus drama, TEN with roughly 150 and 9 is now down to 39hours!!!

  4. a big loss to 9. this was one of their very few shows which i saw and thought “i might actually like that” but now its on foxtel so i will never see it. 🙁

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