Susan Boyle, superstar.

Since becoming a television and YouTube hit, Susan Boyle is headed for Larry King and Oprah Winfrey.

susanboyle1As we all know too well, Britain, and subsequently the entire western conglomerate of western civilisation, went completely ga ga over Susan Boyle, 47, in Britain’s Got Talent.

We’ve all seen her singing “I Dreamed a Dream” on YouTube (curse you non-embedding clip!). Already over 25m hits, it’s inspiring stuff, and the kind of thing the show does brilliantly.

America is falling over itself offering her interviews on Larry King and Oprah.

She’s already done a number of television interviews.

And she’s turning into a pro-interviewer subject with a “no comment” given here to ABC News.

One journo even wanted to know how her cat took the news….

Some photos:

And here is a recording of “Cry Me a River” from 1999, when she would have been about 37 years old.

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  1. Susan do not let them cause you to have a makeover. you are a beautiful person.You have a persona that reminded me of Dame Joan Sutherland. and of Dame Nelle Melba. Stay as beautiful as you are,God bless you.

  2. Barret – I dont hate anyone but you miss my point – if Susan hadnt been able to sing she would have been encouraged by the same slimey producers to come out, fail miserably and then would have been ridiculed for simply not looking or sounding like as singer – it happens all the time on these shows – they audition contestants privately before the public auditions and single out the top 5 percent and the worst 5 percent and we get to see the very best and the very worst – its explotation disgused as entertainment – we are all suddenly embracing this obviously talented woman because she can sing – but how we would have reacted if she hadn’t – she would have been laughed and heckled and moreso because of the way she looked and the producers would have got their backstage laughs!! – all I’m saying is that all of these ugly duckling stories are manipulated by the producers – either way they get a result but how many of these ugly ducklings they put in front of the cameras and who cant perform are left to feel even more humiliated – you only have to watch idol and some of these so called talent shows to know the answer to that!

  3. Just spare a thought for a minute – if this woman had gone out there and couldnt sing she would have been one of the many performers these disgusting shows audition privately beforehand and then send out to ridicule – how many times have we seen poor sods come out on stages during the audition process to be laughed at by ego driven judges like Simon cowell – the rare ugly ducklings who can sing are a promoters dream and those three judges including cowell who looked sooo surprised when she could sing knew all along she was a surprise packet – I’m glad she’s getting the attention she deserves but had she not been able to sing the producers of the show would have sent her out there and mader her a laughing stock – dont believe for a minute the producers of these shows care for a minute about peoples feelings – its all about ratings and this woman was simply a marketing dream for the show and its cut-throat producers!

  4. Her performance of “Cry Me a River” was stunning, which probably proves the point that sometimes talent is not enough to be successful in show business. Probably she must have been knocked back through her life because of her looks. In Radio era before TV, probably she could have been more successful. Is she going to be luckier this time? Perhaps, only time will tell. It will all depend what gigs she’ll get. My fear is that she’ll soon be forgotten, so she’ll have to make most of it now while people are still interested in her.

  5. I would like it on record, that I dont want watch any of the “….Got Talent” and so apart from knowing that she is for some reason famous, I dont know who she is, and have not see her act.

    wamdue, England

  6. Susan Boyle seems so lovely and unpretentious, and her version of Cry Me A River is beautiful.

    I thought she handled these interviews very well.

    I wish her all the success in the world, and I hope she always remains the wonderful lady we see and hear today.

    Well done, Susan! 🙂

  7. Bless her, even having heard all the hype before I watched the original clip from BGT, I was still blown away by her..she needs some media training though if shes going to have a career, that interview with GMA in the US is cringeworthy in parts!
    oh, and the UK finds a stand out on Britains Got Talent year after year yet we churn out the same crap year after year on our version of the show..

  8. Sharpy, are you being sarcastic? If she was an attractive 20yo, she would have had a much better chance of actually making a career out of it long before now. I’m not saying she would have definitely made it, but we all know that looks and youth play a major role in the entertainment industry. You don’t even need talent a lot of the time…

  9. Everybody judges others whether they admit or not, just as everybody loves an underdog. People judge unfavourably because they feel inferior and the faults they judge in others are what they themselves possess. The reason for the tears and cheers when the underdogdefies the odds – they see themselves up there.

  10. It’s a great story. It’s not what you look like, it’s your heart and soul that matters. Well done Susan, I hope you become a millionaire. You are such a refreshing antitode to the cookie-cutter singers on reality TV.

  11. Sure she can sing, like most amateur musical theatre members she can belt out a Les Mis piece. But is this just inspirational because she is a good singer, or is it because she can sing regardless of being older and unattractive? If an attractive 20yo went out and sang exactly the same, would the world go just as ga ga? In order to be a worldwide success these days it seems you have to be beyond your prime, lost your looks and yet still be able to have a talent…

    The only thing that clips like these give is the surprise they provide once we have written them off on first impressions… a gimmick if you would, rather than based on actual superb talent…

  12. u know this lady proves that no matter your age talent is talent. i wish the aussie version had a bit more quality instead of going for all these cheap attemps at gags for the hosts. i am sure we have great voices and so on out there.

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