On Hiatus

Do not adjust your set. TV Tonight will be back to full transmission soon, after a short hiatus.

hiatusFrom today TV Tonight will take a mid-year hiatus.

During this time the site will see a temporary shift in delivery of news and information from on-going to once a day.

As many of you would know during the months of April-May there has been a flurry of television news and events. During this time we have seen programme launches or finales for So You Think You Can Dance Australia, The Biggest Loser, MasterChef Australia, Dirt Game, Thank God You’re Here, Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation, Merlin, homeMADE, Sea Patrol, Recruits and Top Gear Australia.

Major event reporting has also included the Logie Awards, ASTRA Awards and Eurovision. Several major news stories have broken during this time, which on top of interviews, set visits, reviews and programming changes has amounted to the busiest time of year. So it’s time for a circuit breaker….

For a little over two weeks the site will report news as it did over the Xmas-NY period: once a day.

Ratings will continue to be reported daily, but the delivery time may be affected. Moderated comments may take up to 24 hours for approval (your patience is appreciated). There will be no news on weekends during the time aside from ratings results. The exception to all of this is ‘big breaking news.’

It is not a complete standstill: the site still has plans for exclusive interviews with stars and production personnel across this period and to continue all elements of the blog, including Programming changes.

Only this week TV Tonight posted its 7000th story on the site and was referenced by The Australian, MediaWeek and the Sunday Telegraph. Your comments and contributions to the site continue to be noted by media, network executives and production personnel with regularity.

Enjoy the passion.

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  1. Ever considered taking on some media/journalism students to take on the basic reporting stories in downtime? Or even when you are in normal periods,it could allow you to focus on more features and interviews?

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