Airdate: Guide to the Good Life

gazeThat new lifestyle show reported here last month will premiere on Seven in early June.

The show is sponsored by Australian Pensioners Insurance, and aimed at older Australians with segments on travel, health, motoring and food.

Producer Mark Bayly previously said of the presenters, including Colette Mann, Andrew Gaze and Mark Skaife, that they “are very hands-on and get in and immerse themselves, not just observe and commentate.”

However, Seven’s description of the show for television guides doesn’t make any mention of its target audience:

A brand new show examining a host of different ways to have fun and feel good. In our first episode, ANDREW GAZE heads to Hamilton Island for his first attempt at yachting and jet skiing. MARK SKAIFE takes a rookie to learn the tricks of four wheel driving. Plus there are plenty more great ideas and possibilities to start living the good life as soon as possible.

It’s no surprise Seven is taking this show given its programmes skew well with older viewers in the 55+ bracket.

Although it was originally reported as airing Sunday arvos it premieres Saturday June 6th at 5pm.


  1. Enough!

    I’ve listed the website for the show. It has a contact. This site ie not related. Honestly….

    No further enquiries about recipes or content enquiries will be published here. It’s great you enjoy the show but I can’t keep repeating myself for people who do not read comments already published. Thanks.

  2. I am trying to find the receipe for the egg mayonnaise that Snowy made on your show at what I presumed was the Mantra at Kingscliffe when he made seared cuttlefish. I can’t find it anywhere. Help.

  3. hi i have been trying to find out about the 4×4 training were it is how much it cost things like that but i carnt find it on the web site that was provided on tv

  4. Guide to the Good Life’s website is surprisingly hard to find – I don’t think google has indexed it yet.

  5. I’m after the mayonnaise recipe please i can’t find it

    Thank You

  6. Dorothy Arnold

    Like a previous requester I too would like the recipe for the egg mayonnaise. Tried the link you provided to Kay but without success. Help!!!!

  7. I was after your recipe for the egg mayonnaise shown on tonights show.

    I can’t find anywhere on your website that has links for recipes etc.