Ellen in repeat

The Ellen DeGeneres Show will be going into repeat eps in the USA from Thursday May 28th.

edgJust a quick note to advise that The Ellen DeGeneres Show will be going into repeat eps in the USA from Thursday May 28th (Aus time).

Nine will be airing repeats from 28th until new eps return on Monday June 8th (daytime).

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  1. Getting a little sick of repeats too… I just had a look at her offical webpage and there is a countdown to her show. She is coming up to her seventh season in 13 days time. So to all the Aussie fans.. won’t be long!!! Hopefully Channel Nine will continue to broadcast live from the USA!!! Whoo hoo

  2. I just spoke to Channel Nine – they said new Ellen shows wont be back on until August as they are “in their summer break”…….. she seems to be Twittering about new show content now…… i dont get it…..

  3. Does anyone know when new Ellen shows will be back on? She did a new one just before queens birthday then it was back to repeats. I too miss my Ellen fix. She really brightens up the day 🙂

  4. Just enquiring if anyone knows when new eps will be back on, she did one new show last week just before queens bday then went right back to repeats. Not sure what is happening. I too miss my ellen fix. She really brightens up the day 🙂

  5. it may not be 9’s fault but people don’t realise that, it is amazing how they seem to completely forget that american shows come from america. i have even heard people asking an australian channel to bring back an american show from axing when they have zero to do with making it. 9 don’t keep their viewers informed so people would go to the forum and complain, they would then be informed by other people that it is coz of what is going on in america, and then they would give a little complaint about not being informed by 9 and go back and wait. where are they going to do this now? they may head to the 7 or 10 forums and this doesn’t really belong there, but where else is there.

  6. @bindi – I know people like complaining but why would they complain to ch9 when it’s not their doing and it’s only for a week or so?

    Maybe if ch9 kept their viewers better informed then they would have fewer complaints.

  7. I think you’ll find that the first new ep for 9 will be Tuesday June 9th, as Mondays’ shows are the show that airs on Firday in the US, and I don’t imagine her starting back from a break on a Friday.

  8. Ellen is the best talk show host ever! No matter how sad a person is or how bad their day has been, she can make them laugh. she’s the best and i don’t know what this world would do without her.

    laugh.dance.Ellen 🙂

  9. i wonder where viewers will go to complain or find out what is going on now that 9 no longer has a message board? it started with them deleting the fringe and moonlight forums because they were full of complaints and now 9 has gotten rid of the whole thing, just after they had started using a much better forum too. they just can’t handle the truth it seems.

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