NBC rejects David E. Kelley drama

David E. Kelley was lauded for Boston Legal, but his latest law suit has been turned down by NBC.

dekAlan Shore would be appalled. NBC has rejected David E. Kelley’s legal drama Legally Mad.

After originally opting to keep the pilot in contention for midseason, the network has decided to pass. The pilot revolving around a father and daughter at a Chicago law practice was directed by Kenny Ortega (High School Musical, Ally McBeal, Gilmore Girls).

There are no immediate plans for the project to be shopped elsewhere.

Networks are currently in the middle of approving and rejecting new series.

Also not expected to make it on NBC is the Dick Wolf-produced Lost & Found. There has been talk about shopping the quirky crime procedural starring Katee Sackhoff to sister cable network USA, but that is considered a long shot.

Meanwhile, the remake of V and Limelight screened to mixed reviews at ABC. Of the two, V remains in the mix after scoring well with its alien characters.

Amongst some of the other shows still in contention, the NCIS spinoff, Melrose Place remake and Vampire Diaries are all sitting pretty.

Source: Hollywood Reporter, Variety

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  1. I will say too, that as much as I adore Boston Legal, the premise (and cast) of this pilot made it sound like Kelley was veering back to the self-conscious cuteness and quirk of Ally MacBeal, which is something I can live without.

  2. This is bad i really enjoyed boston legal more than the other 2 david e kelly shows. How ever as i blogged yesterday i have written a storryline for a pilot ep spin off of boston legal which i believe would get picked up by a cable network at least. Iam at this stage thinking about sending it to d.e.k

  3. Not too surprised by this. If Eli Stone couldn’t find a solid audience what made NBC think another quirky lawyer show would succeed? Especially with that annoying chick from Pushing Daisies as the main character. It would have made everyone change the channel. The real question for NBC is whether or not Chuck will be back for season 3

  4. Not surprising as the audience has had enough of quirky legal dramas and NBC rightly judged it would flop. As much as i love Boston Legal i wish DEK would try something different. The legal dramedy has been done to death!

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