Programming hell for Hell’s Kitchen

gordon21At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Hell’s Kitchen, is to vanish once more -this time in Sydney and Brisbane.

The show aired at 10:30pm on Tuesday after it wasn’t even on air last week.

UPDATED: Next week it airs at 11:30pm following a Budget Report at 10:30pm.

The week after it’s out due to Underbelly‘s first season repeats. As Victoria can’t screen the crime drama right now, Victoria retains Hell’s on May 19th. For now anyway.

(NB: WIN- based Adelaide and Perth should be in sync with Sydney / Brisbane programming. Check local guides).


  1. I stumbled on this website from Yahoo after viewing last week’s segment of Hells Kitchen. I liked to find if people imagine that Chef Gordon is trying to keep contestants in the interests of entertainment purposes? For instance, Sabrina should’ve been removed right after her idiotic remarks in hour 1 of the show on the 22nd of Sept, wherein she had suggested that she would destroy her very own group. Are folks like this girl professional actors or what?

  2. It is an absolute example of mismanagement.. air the series.. cut it half way for another one.. lose the audience interests.. wat do u achieve doing this.. or may be this is wat channel nine wants to do to ramsays shows. one of the reason why me and my mates stopped wathcing channel nine. it is hedious !

  3. Meh… Freakin hate the channels in here.. They just cancel or move or do whatever they like to a program.. It’s just freaking confusing!

  4. agree dan, its gets so annoying seeing the same sneak peak over and over, yesterday nine decided to show a sneak peak of homemade between the mentalist and cold case even though the mentalist finished 7 minutes late, but your right Craig at least nine have released showing entire epodes of a series out of order isn’t a sneak peak.

  5. @ Andrew D

    Total agreement here, Andrew, not a fan of hell’s kitchen but the UK and US Kitchen Knightmares should be aired by nine, none of this on for 2 weeks and then off crap!!

  6. don’t like the show, but im glad I don’t because i’d be mad at nine for constantly chopping and changing their schedule.
    At least seven keeps lower rating shows and just airs them near midnight.

  7. When will 9 learn that changing timeslots axing shows after one episode and running shows 10 minutes late because of the 1000000000000000000000th sneak peak of home made will just annoy the s**t out of people therefore losing them even more ratings

  8. this is not to be expected,its always gordon ramsey well like i said before why buy a program if they dont wanna show it and to get rid of gordon ramsey half way through the series well thats shameful,if channel 9 dont want gordon ramsey on at 1030pm or 11pm,why not show it after midnight when the rating are poor im sure ppl can either stay up or tape him,come on channel 9 give gordon and everyone who does like him a break he still manages to get approx 800,000 views a week much better than some of the shows on.

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