Nine avoids World’s Worst Prisons (again)

Nine again realises it's bad timing for a doco about a journo going behind bars.


In news that will surprise nobody, Nine has again pulled World’s Worst Prisons from its schedule.

The UK series sees a journalist go behind bars to report on the grim conditions of incarceration.

It initially scheduled the show for last Sunday night, before rescheduling it this week (on the same night as 60 Minutes no less). While it has reinserted President Trump: Can He Really Win? it will replace World’s Worst Prisons with a repeat of a documentary on the Ku Klux Klan.

If things get any worse in Lebanon these Nine titles currently scheduled could be next in the firing line: I Am Innocent, Major Crimes, Prime Suspect, Fugitive: Black Ops, Underbelly.

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