Roving hosts for new Roving show?

idol-web1The Sunday Herald Sun reports today that TEN’s new unnamed 7pm show, to be produced by Roving Enterprises, could have a different host each night.

James Mathison, Carrie Bickmore and James Kerley are some of the names being mentioned.

As reported earlier, the show will be “news-based.”

“We don’t have hosts yet. We do have a very definite idea of what it should be. It is loosely news based, and it is live and it is daily. And it will require a team of about 42 if I count correctly,” producer Craig Campbell previously told TV Tonight.

Mathison recently resigned from Australian Idol, while Kerley already hosted Taken Out in the 7pm slot.

Sunday Herald Sun


  1. Carrie Bickmore!!??? Nooooooooooo

    The woman is absolutely useless, I sometimes wonder if she even understands the term ‘comedy.’

    I do love when Rove has the attractive ladies on and she gets all passive agressive though – insecure much Bickmore?

  2. I wish Ten every success with this show – but I do sense flop.

    Unless it is a very very well written Daily Show type format – I don’t see this working.

    Ten would be better to launch a newsmagazine – an ACA/TT style show with a more hipster/celebrity edge – like Extra in the US

    My guess is is would cost a lot less than a written comedy show and be much more successfull.

  3. The day that James Kerley hosts every show on TV will be a good day. Although Taken Out was quite crap, he was awesome on Channel [V]. Hopefully he’ll be on TBYG soon.

  4. This show sounds good, they should make it something like a Daily Show with Jon Stewart at 7pm every night, even though they already said they were going to do something different. Something like a cross between Gruen, The Chaser’s and Sunrise is what I think this’ll be like. Guess we’ll wait and see

  5. I’d like to see Carrie replaced on Rove by Corrine Grant.

    Rove’s quality dived after she chose The Glass House over Rove and then we all know what happened there.

  6. Well this all sounds intriguing, but it seems like a potentially disastrous format, and going by Rove’s other shows in years gone by, this could be one colossal flop. However Ten are on a run of successful shows as of late so I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  7. It could be a long day and night for Carrie Bickmore given she also reads the news on the breakfast show on Nova 100 Melbourne and also have to take care of her own family. If she ever gets the job she should only do it on Fridays.

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