Search for an Aussie Jerry Springer

springerIs there a place on Australian television for a localised Jerry Springer?

That’s what makers of The Jerry Springer Show are hoping for with word that producer Richard Dominick is coming to Australia to mount what he hopes are two back to back television shows. One is a reality search for a host, and the other is the new talkshow itself.

It is part of a push by Dominick for international versions in a number of territories including the UK, Japan, Amsterdam, Germany. Australia is his first target.

Conceding there are no specific skills that are a pre-requisite for the job, (“a knack for wrangling chair throwing strippers” is wryly mentioned), the series will pit Australian ‘Springer wannabes’ against one another as they complete challenges judged by a panel of experts.

The ultimate winner could be ‘a comedian, a TV presenter, a bus driver or the bloke next door.’

and along with bragging rights, the plan is for them to score a contract to host their very own talk show.

The project is the result of  Ben Alcott CEO of Australian production company Blacksheep who talked his way backstage to meet profucers of the Springer show.

So far no network is on yet board for the proposal, but Richard Dominick arrives in Australia today for chats with several executives. It’s always been a tough ask to sustain a talk format in Australia, given we are notorious for pushing microphones away and remaining much quieter than Americans.

Maybe David Wenham could win the role, given he plays the host in the musical at the Sydney Opera House.


  1. Because clearly it’s 1995. Springer, and indeed the whole genre of ‘outrageous chat’ hasn’t been a relevant concern in over a decade, so of course it makes perfect sense that we jump on the bandwagon now.

  2. Ohh cool i miss daytime trash tv for FTA, Ten should bring back the Jerry Springer show i used to lov watchin it on holidays, or sometimes at school when we’d be watchn some doco n the tv would turn on to that, with some big woman flashin her boobs . My spanish teacher got a shock!. Im sure there are plenty of interesting issues people would be willing to share and talk about. 7 would probably pick it up, their daytime schedule is in need the most.

  3. I see it lasting about 5-7 eps of the reality competition and 2 months of the actual programme on air before cancellation.

    Remember The Catch Up? haha

  4. Who’s to say that whatever they come up with in the end will be full on “Jerry Springer” style? Russell and Jason I agree with you – everyone keeps saying that talk won’t work in Aus, but why wouldn’t it? We have all the same issues as everyone else in the world (although maybe slightly less of the midget lesbian transvestites that a full on Springer would require!) I know I have a few ex-boyfriends (and one ex-girlfriend) I would love to have a little chat to on-stage…

  5. A 1 hour daytime Aus version of the Jerry Springer show could work (but probably as a show that’s on once or twice a week only), but it’d definitely be more suited to cable TV, where it won’t be under pressure to rate. If it proves successful, they can sell it to 7,9 or 10.

  6. You are kidding ,aren’t you David.
    Checks date – not April 1st.
    A Jerry Springer type show here – oh well work for those in acting profession then as “same people will reappear time and time again…
    And where are our “trailer park trash” folk going to come from ?
    Based in Toorak, Potts point, Surfers Paradise or Fremantle

  7. I agree with Russell – there’s nothing really to say that a talk show format wouldn’t work here – I’m talking about your audience participation type talk show – not Kerri-anne or whoever.

    I used to love watching Donahue when I was younger (sad I know) I’d love them to try something like that here, Jerry Springer though, I’ve always found to be a bit of a parody of the whole format.

  8. @Russell: I find it hard to justify jerry springer as a talk show.

    @Todd: I agree with you, but for different reasons, mainly because I wouldn’t want fta tv to have its reputation ruined any further (that is, after the freeview incident).

    I wouldn’t mind an aussie version of oprah, ellen, etc, but not jerry. In a way, we do have talk shows, the morning show on 7, and 9 and 10’s equivilant. The only problem is they are filled with infomercials as well as regular ad breaks.

  9. i always find it interesting when people say an australian talk show would not work – as we dont like to talk.

    what were the last daytime talk shows (springer / oprah / dr phil like) that were done in australia?

  10. i suppose the family group will be in an uproar even though it i clear to anyone that jerry should not be watched by children, i also think it will be on foxtel as i cant see the fta picking it up.

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