TEN leaves Nine the biggest loser

In probably the tightest week of the ratings year, Seven takes glory once more. But the real story was the race for second.

loser-winsIt will probably go down as the tightest ratings week of the year. Just 1.5% divided the three commercial networks in Week 18 of the year.

It was still Seven that again took glory with 26.7%, however the real story was the upset for second place. TEN snatched that with 25.5% over Nine’s 25.2%.

The ABC had 17.1% and SBS 5.5%.

Most significantly, TEN won the three key demographics 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54. Seven was second in each.

There was also a shake-up in “city wins”. TEN won Adelaide this week plus second place in Sydney and Perth. Seven won all other cities, coming second in Adelaide.

Top show of the week was The Biggest Loser, when the winner was announced (despite it being leaked online 2 hours earlier) with 2.09m viewers and 1.79m for the bulk of the show. It also performed well on Sunday night -better than the finale of So You Think You Can Dance Australia’s 1.43m. Together with 1.42m for both the premiere of MasterChef Australia and NCIS, plus 1.3m for Bondi Rescue, TEN had its best week of the year. It won Sunday and Monday nights plus all three demos for Sun – Tues. Even Neighbours passed 1m on Monday. However, after slipping from its debut, MasterChef Australia will need to cement a following this week. The Top 20 are announced tomorrow and the show moves into its nighty challenges. Meanwhile TEN has quietly dumped Guerrilla Gardeners from sight.

Thank God You’re Here debuted strong for Seven with 1.74m although Seven News Sunday was actually its top show for the week with 1.79m. The Force arrested 1.48m and 10 Years Younger in 10 Days stayed high in its second outing. Better Homes and Gardens ensured Seven blitzed the competition on Friday but it was hit hard on Monday between a TEN and Nine stoush. This week Seven won just three nights: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

The penultimate Underbelly was Nine’s best with 1.7m with Nine News Sunday and 60 Minutes following. Nine again won Thursday, despite the AFL Footy Show propping up the NRL edition (beaten in Sydney by even Q&A). Nine also took home Saturday. Eleventh Hour‘s premiere lost a lot of Underbelly‘s lead in, doubtless due to the Biggest Loser‘s final hour. How will it fare following a finale this week? In game show tussles Hot Seat‘s biggest audience was 651,000 while Deal‘s biggest was  963,000.

Spicks and Specks plus The Gruen Transfer both took over 1.2m while Dirt Game‘s second ep dropped to 606,000 for the ABC. Top Gear’s 972,000 was unaffected by competition. A great result for SBS given the episode was rather old. Monday was its top night.

Week 18

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  1. good on 10, they really are the underdog network, they have to work so hard to just come second, 9 slaps on any old crud like 2.5 men, 20 to 1 and ramsay and comes second easily, it is disgusting, hopefully this will be a wakeup call to them, start showing some quality product or come 3rd.

  2. Good to see the longer wrap-up back David. It’s a great summary of the week.
    Seven show their strength, winning a week on only three nights. Well done to Ten for coming second, pushing nine into a well-deserved third place in all demos.

  3. “Most significantly, TEN won the three key demographics 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54. Seven was second in each.”
    If I were an advertiser I know which network I’d have my money on.

  4. TEN must be upset with this seeing as it was the best week of the year for them: Loser and Dance finales, as th launch of MasterChef. Still it was a very close margin between the three networks, so they should all be happy.

  5. That is an absolute shocker for 9. 3rd in total people and all demographics.

    I’m pleasantly surprised Ten held on to second. But I agree with Neil. This was their biggest week of the year and a same old third place would have been quite embarrassing.

    Also enjoying the longer spiels David!

  6. Anything less than second would have been viewed as a bit of a flop for TEN, even if they did go on to win all three major demo’s. The network is launching vastly different skid this week, so let’s see how they hold up.

    Thanks David for the longer ratings-report, I know it takes up more of your time, but we appreciate it

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