A funny old fellow is back… sorta

humphrey2He may be in the hands of receivers, but he’s still loved by Channel Nine programming.

Nine is screening repeats of Here’s Humphrey from tomorrow.

He will return at 3:30pm, replacing The Wiggles‘ production The Kingdom of Paramithi.

Of course, PBL Media has no direct involvement with the outstanding studio fees owed by Banksia Productions to WIN’s Channel Nine in Adelaide.

So why the immediate switch?

Humphrey had no comment.

Which is hardly so very surprising…


  1. Humphrey is a legend and he so needs to stay on tele. ive watched him all my life and ill even admit before my twins came along i would still turn him on if i was home, My twins love him, and its been devastating without him on!!

    Bring Humphrey back ASAP

  2. The Fifty Thousand Dollar Fee.Ironically that is what it costs for Nine to Import in Just One Episode of Two and a Half Men of which the money they waste on that overexposed rubbish could have been used to save an Australian Icon

  3. franz chong

    This is great news as without Humphrey Nine would otherwise be a CSI.Two and a Half Men and Gordon Ramsay Network.
    Mental Note to self Must watch before going to work today!!!

  4. This is great news.

    I admit to watching Humphrey as an Adult even though I don’t have Children.

    Off The Topic a Little why did they have to take him off in the Mornings and do we really need that extra thirty minutes of the today show which could be better used for shows like This for Mums with Small Children.

    I wouldn’t have minded Humphrey as a Temptation Replacement for 2009 anything has got to be better than 2.5 men overdose

  5. Yep, my daughter has pretty well screamed the place down for half an hour of Humphry. Never been happier about a TV show here!

    So now there are two shows we watch on channel 9 here. Humphry and 60 Minutes (and trying this afternoon next week)

  6. The bear must stay…
    Why he, Ossie Ostrich or Mr Squiggle haven’t received a Logie Hall Of Fame is anyone’s guess.
    These characters are an enormous part of Australia’s TV history

  7. Great news. Hopefully everyone just gets over the $50 000 fee. I mean, he has meant so much to Nine. Just move on Nine and forgive. I guess it’s not Nine’s fault: stupid WIN tv. WIN are one of the worst tv networks in the country, if not the worst. They suck.

    Plus Seven will most likely want to buy Humphrey, and we don’t want that, do we Nine?

    Choose Humphrey in 09!

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