Airdate: This Afternoon

andrewdaddoNine’s new afternoon show, simply titled This Afternoon will screen from 4:30pm Monday June 29th.

The show,to have a mix of news, current affairs and magazine segments, is hosted by Andrew Daddo and Katrina Blowers. Mark Ferguson will be newsreader.

Last year Daddo was on Seven’s Yum Cha and The One, and has been a regular presenter on ABC Radio. Katrina Blowers, who has also done a lot of radio on 2UE, Nova and 2SM. She has also appeared as a part time news reader on the ABC, and guest spots on Sky News and the Today show.

But in the launch of the show’s website an error indicates a draft by the webmaster, complete with typos:

Blog Title
A snapshot of what the blog post is about will be written here. It can also just take the first paragrapg of teh story and place it here as a teaser to intice the user to read more.

Hopefully the show’s news and editorial won’t be quite so remiss when it hits our screens.

The arrival of the show follows the axing of the long-running Brisbane show, Extra which concludes next week. It will be replaced by Hot Seat.


  1. This wouldn’t have been a bad idea for 7pm weeknights in the absence of a quiz or suitable game show.

    I am for one sick of those 2.5 men.The Money they wasted on that could have been used to Save Humphrey Bears Show.

  2. Guy: Queenslanders won’t leech to 7 straight away. Seven Brisbane for once has to actually bow to their viewers demands, not Sydney’s.

    If they don’t, the real switch (i.e turning away from BTQ’s 6pm regardless of Schluter) is on, Join the switch, move up to Ten…

    Ten’s news has had low figures in Brisbane for years. The Extra axing will only cause more pain for 7, as people will flock to TVQ’s 5pm, instead of watching Eddie or AOK. This should be enough to get the powers that be at 7 to get their collective butts moving on a decent local product. If Millionaire bombs in Brisbane, and Extra’s “revived”, Seven’s product (if it happens), if done right, could revive memories of the State Affair-Today Tonight (Yes TT started in Brisbane thirty years ago, on 9) wars of the 1980’s. And it would be good news for Brisbane viewers, as it could be the proof that in a age of networking, localism can win ratings wars.

  3. I think the axing of Extra will have Queenslanders moving to Seven. I know i will be. I am completely p’d off that they remove one of the few programs i watch on the stupid channel.

  4. I still maintain they would have been better doing something with 7pm, and not 4.30 where less people watch 7 and 9 combined then 10 for Bold.

    Even 2.5 Men fans are sick of the repeats.

  5. How come channel nine always use upper and lowercase in their titles? This Afternoon is actually THISafternoon.

    Nine need some new ideas with their TV show logos, and all the networks need help on naming their shows. I mean, Sunrise, The Today Show, The Morning Show, 9am, THISafternoon, Sunday night 60 Minutes…

  6. Dear Phil Jordan.

    I envy you and your family if the biggest issue you all face is what to watch after Bold and the Beautiful.

    So much anger over such a trivial issue….. 🙂

  7. Well, I and my family certainley wont be watching it, I like many Queenslanders are crapped off at the axing of extra so we will change channels to seven after the Bold & Beautiful on Ten tough luck Nine, I’m sure you will loose a lot of viewers

  8. For this show to achieve what Nine wants it to, would you have a estimated figure for viewers it should attract David. I give it two weeks.

  9. The website is yet to be offically launched, as there is no link to the page on ninemsn. You have to search for the link on the Channel Nine homepage and it’s URL is very messy. Obviously it’s not complete yet, and still under construction.

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