Auditions: Beauty and the Geek

geekFirst Nine surprised us with a local version of The Apprentice going into production.

Now Seven has announced a local version of Beauty and the Geek -the reality dating show that puts socially awkward guys with aesthetically proportioned females. The show is to be produced by Endemol Southern Star between July and October.

The US version of the show, produced by Ashton Kutcher, has been a bit of a guilty pleasure on late night television, but hasn’t exactly scored highly with viewers. Following Nine’s reality announcement, this marks the second recent pick up of a US brand that has been a modest performer in Australia.

Seven says: “If you’re a shy geek into comic books, Star Wars, RPGs, D&D, computers, on-line gaming, chess, or physics, etc, etc., we want you!

“Beautiful, sexy, social-savvy women who can turn a geek into a stud.

“Beauties and Geeks willing to work together and compete for the opportunity to win a substantial prize!! ” It isn’t clear what the prize is just yet.

Contestants will live together for the duration of the series and face challenges that test the beauties on academic subjects and the geeks on social skills.

Seven’s Head of Program Development, Lisa Fitzpatrick said: “Beauty and the Geek is an uplifting series that will surprise people. The search is on now to find our geeks and beauties who want to change their lives and have some fun in the process.”

No word whether bogans will qualify as geeks or Chk Chk Booms should apply, but presumably they should.

You can download audition info via

The series will air later this year.


  1. I like beauty & the geek & interested in seeing the aussie version. I am very disapointed that all the geeks will be male & all beauties will be female. This is just so everyday now – too many geeky, old or fat guys these days end up with hot, young chicks – it’s too everyday normal. What about all the geeky, older or fat girls out there??? there are lots of us – why not put these kinds of girls out there on such shows as beauty & the geek – to see how they can go & if hot young guys can accept & teach & learn to like socially awkward geeky girls – like myself as people. We get a hard enough trot as it is in life & everything on tv , wedia, pictures, etc say females have to look like a supermodel or playboy bunny to get anny acceptance in this world, but, geeky or old, or fat guys are much more likely to be accepted by society, and liked or loved by hot chicks. Why is this so? It’s not fair that the world is so sexist, when will some show be gutsy enough to take a stand to equality!

    Take a stand B&G, do a real social experiment!!! Boy Beauty & The Girl Geek!!! That would hold my interest all the ways through the season.

  2. who will the host be?????? this is driving me crazy. auditions start on saturday and we still dont know? it’s a big role. maybe somthing odd will happen and there is no host. i think there are some international version like that. but it would be disapointing IMO.

    some good suggestions i’ve heard are; luke jacobz, billy from make me a supermodel, Dave Thornton, and george hourvadas.

  3. Agreed I have to say Channel Sevens Schedule is pretty crummy at the moment Apart from the Wednesday My Name is Earl,Family Guy,How I met your Mother and American Dad and Weekdays the Morning Show Plus on Most Monday Nights while I am at the Health Club Home and Away I don’t watch that channel.

  4. So, we’re gonna see ugly geeky guys alongside attractive women on TV? Please tell me how that differs to what we already see on TV?

  5. Steve Roderick

    I’ve always liked the US version of the show and do catch it from time to time. So hopefully our version should be good.

    Aslong as the girls arnt just bogans

  6. This crap will rate ridiculously well in the same vein as that Farmer Wants a Wife and Ladette to Lady rubbish. This really is the lowest common denominator of programming, its like the 2.5 men of reality TV. That said, I can see this taking a Thursday slot later this year.

  7. the most recent season of this that aired on 7 had quite a few format changes and i think it was for the better. i think the auditios are the best part.

    i’m glad that southern star are making it and not 7 directly.

  8. “Lisa Fitzpatrick said: ‘Beauty and the Geek is an uplifting series that will surprise people’ ”

    …then why have they not tried the US show in a prime time slot?

  9. If the viewing public is all about inspirational television, Beauty & The Geek could actually do pretty well. It’s not “can’t look away” train wreck tv like Big Brother, it’s not designed to take the piss out all the contestants like Idol auditions used to. The Apprentice I’d be nervous about, it’d be hard to soften the vicious cutthroat nature of it.

  10. I think what both of these recent announcements indicate is the effect of belt tightening in the programming budget of the two networks mentioned above.

    Both are relatively old formats and could present a quick, cheap source of local content for both networks. They probably picked up the rights to produce a local version when they originally signed on a few years ago for the US eps and now that the $’s are tight they’re using their banked formats.

  11. It is actually quite a gentle show. I quite like the geeks, because they are unique. The girls can be a bit hit or miss, but generally go through the greatest transformation.

  12. i’ve been watching this in late nights it is sooo good. if you like other trashy reality shows like ladette, amazing race, survivor, the mole ect. this one is the best of all of them.

    i wonder who the host will be? in the US one the the host has quite an influential role.

  13. Yuck, Cringe inducing television – this is the tripe that Ten used to come up with, obviously showing Nine and Seven too have no idea on how to program towards the younger generations; we’re not all mindless saps who enjoy shoddy reality television – Seven’s schedule has nothing to offer me at the moment, with the exception of Packed To The Rafters.

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