Ed Kavalee hosts TV Burp for Seven

edkSeven yesterday revealed more details on new Australian series coming in the second half of the year.

They include a new sketch series, Double Take, TV Burp in which Ed Kavalee looks back on a week of television, the reality series World’s Strictest Parents, a new factual series at The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, and the Tiger Airways observational as first revealed by TV Tonight.

Double Take will be produced by David McDonald, son of actor Garry McDonald and include television show parodies while TV Burp, hosted by Ed Kavalee (pictured, right)  is based on the UK’s Harry Hill’s TV Burp. In looking back on a week in television it will be interesting to see if Nine and TEN are included, and if so how the editorial elements will run: favourably or critically?

Seven’s Director of Programming and Production, Mr Tim Worner said: “A big part of our business at Seven is the development of local programming. The shows we are announcing today represent an investment made 12 months ago.

“We are tremendously thrilled to be launching fresh ideas and fresh faces into the mid year entertainment schedule. Audiences are making these shows the most popular on television – and that confirmation points to a very strong back half of the year. A second wave of local production is about to be commissioned. These projects will be announced in the coming weeks.”

Seven also indicated the return “soon” of Surf Patrol, Packed to the Rafters, The Great Outdoors and Dancing with the Stars.

TV BURP: Comedian Ed Kavalee flips what we love and hate about our TV favourites on its head in this new comedy series. From soap operas to documentaries to reality TV, nothing is safe from TV Burp’s unique style of celebrating the week that was on TV. Based on the hugely successful and BAFTA award winning UK series, Harry Hill’s TV Burp.

ICU: From the crew behind the hugely successful Medical Emergency, this new series goes behind the scenes of The Alfred Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

AIR WAYS: An unprecedented look at the day-to-day running of a budget airline in Australia – all the stress and joy of travel come together in this series as passengers and the staff from Tiger Airways contends with misplaced luggage, delayed flights and even a wedding.

DOUBLE TAKE: A fast-paced collection of irreverent sketch comedy, DOUBLE TAKE focuses on parody and impersonation. Spoofs of your favourite TV shows (ones involving dancers, desperate farmers, losers and Sunrise included), movie send-ups and political trivialisation (think Julia Gillard serenading K-Rudd).

WORLD’S STRICTEST PARENTS: And taking the tough line in the battle between teens and adults are the WORLD’S STRICTEST PARENTS, a documentary series which joins headstrong Aussie teens with strict parents from around the world in a bid to whip them into shape. These parents are tough but can they tame wild Aussie teens?


  1. i thought that tv burp last night was hillarius, really funny and good since that was my first ever tv burp experince!! to bad its not every day.

    + your a good character from thank god your hear.

    hope to see it next thursday

  2. saw it last night, really bad! come on since when is this meant to pass for aussie comedy, what are we 13yr olds giggling at what people say, come on!

  3. Australian TV really needs the p**s to be taken out of it. I hope they go in hard.
    I had a look at those clips on YouTube too, and I hope the AU version has less ‘two guys dressed as a lamb shank and a hot pot fighting’, and more ‘ear cataracts?’
    Some of it reminded me of the Muckraking segment on The (D-Gen) Late Show, which’d be alright too.

  4. ahhhh… okay, here’s the thing. Talk Soup (the progenitor of The Soup) dates back to the early 90’s. It was hosted by Greg Kinnear and it was awesome. YouTube it.

    In other news, i’ve just spent 20 minutes watchin UK TV Burp online and it looks horrendous. cheap, unfunny and lame. Ed’s a smart and funny guy, i hope he handles it better.

  5. I like Kavalee, but “TV Burp”?! I’ll pass, thanks. Ditto for the new/returning factuals and World’s Strictest Parents. The new sketch ncomedy series could be fun, tho.

  6. Great to see Ed getting his own show. His is one of our best young personalities that Tony Martin brought through on Get This

    O/T: Bring back Get This and Martin please Triple M!!!

  7. TV Burp sounds fun (but rather cheap). Double Take sounds good also.

    World’s strictest parents will be rather interesting – it sounds like a show on ABC2 (My Teen’s a Nightmare – I’m Moving Out!), I liked that show.

    As for the others, I think the medical reality genre has been overdone. Airways doesn’t sound like a prime time show to me.

  8. TV Burp – dumb name and but could be a great show

    ed please complete an expose on mysnuggie and the cosie – these clothing items of evil must be stoppoed

  9. So for us who do not know the UK Show, TV Burp is like Joel McHale’s The Soup on E! then (or vice versa if TV Burps came before Talk Soup which came before The Soup).

  10. You know what, this doesn’t sound half bad. Double Take sounds like it could be the next Comedy Inc, TV Burp could be decent although the name is rather stupid.
    Not so enthused about Surf Patrol and DWTS coming back but those shows have their audiences.

    And who on earth would want to watch World Strictest Parents or yet more factual series like ICU and that Airways one. At least come up with some new ideas, ICU is another Saving Babies/Kids/Fetuses/RPA ripoff and the less airport factual series we have, the better.

  11. Interesting…although I can’t help but feel that Double Take is going to be ridiculously bad…there seems to be no one ‘funny’ in the cast and the writer’s of the show are old hacks from shows like Comedy Inc and Skithouse.

  12. When networks start to think they can pull off sketch comedies in Australia it’s a bad sign – a sign they are about to fall.

    Se7en, for yours and our sakes, the sake of the Nation, Don’t Do It!

  13. i really like the look of double take. comedy inc. was really good in it’s prime and i think that team will do a good job.

    TVburp sounds like a wierd concept but ed will be a good host.

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