homeMADE tipped for schedule makeover

homemade22Despite Nine issuing a forthcoming guide to media yesterday with two weekly episodes of homeMADE intact, News Limited says it will be shelved into a new timeslot.

On Sunday it was beaten again by Merlin and Sunday Night, nabbing only 958,000 viewers.

While a Nine publicist said homeMADE was still on the schedule for “at least the next three episodes” it is expected to be replaced at 6.30pm from this Sunday by a new series Random Acts of Kindness, hosted by Karl Stefanovic.

Nine is also readying Trouble in Paradise for a launch soon.

Source: news.com.au


  1. Nine is really confusing me (again). On Sunday, during homeMADE, the ads said: “homeMADE, now only on Tuesdays.”

    Then today during the show the ads said: “You can catch homeMADE Sundays 6:30 and Tuesdays 7:30.”

    So is it on Sunday or not?

    I guess it’s smart to pull the Sunday show, as Nine don’t want Sunday Night to gain more viewers.

  2. Karl Stefanovic? This makes me turn off the show before it is even aired because Karl is one of Nine’s biggest tools. I dont like him one bit.

    Do they really think putting another new series in the timeslot going to help. I dont think so. I think it will get around the same as homeMADE if not worse. Nine are in a complete mess at the moment. Sure they are coming 2nd but TEN is creeping up on them.

  3. @craig: under 1million for a 6.30pm slot, especially on a sunday, is a bad number. with the exception of saturdays, no other 6.30-7.30 slot on any day gets under a million

  4. I saw a double page ad for Australia’s Favourite Couple in this week’s issue of Woman’s Day magazine, featuring the eight competing couples including one couple of two men. Looks like it will be on Nine soon as well.

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