Queensland, beautiful one day, in upheaval the next.

bpaQueensland, beautiful one day, in upheaval the next.

In just 24 hours Nine’s long-running Extra and Weekend Extra were axed and veteran newsreader Bruce Paige announced his retirement.

Nine CEO David Gyngell confirmed last night that while most would be redeployed, six permanent staff would be made redundant. Another 13 employees on the programs are being moved into a range of positions, including the Brisbane newsroom, a dedicated southeast Queensland-based reporter for the Today show and another for the upcoming 4:30 show.

“But we have to get Nine back to being the dominate news and current affairs service,” he said.

Speculation suggests Extra host Heather Foord may go to weekend newsreading, which would allow Andrew Lofthouse to take over from Paige when he goes on July 10.

Paige told The Courier-Mail yesterday that a series of health issues in his family had prompted him to re-evaluate his TV career.

“A couple of serious operations in our family earlier this year gave me pause to think about what’s going on and what I want to do with the rest of my life,” Paige said. “Do I want to still be here (at Nine) when I’m 70? Probably not.”

If Nine’s new arvo show can get just half the run of Extra‘s lifespan it will be an amazing achievement…

Source / Photo: Courier Mail.


  1. “But we have to get Nine back to being the dominate news and current affairs service,” he said.

    What if the Australian audience don’t want Nine as the dominate news and current affairs show.

    Its been said a million times before, why not try fixing the news and content and then start plopping things in, out and around it looking for a good lead.

    Poor Nine Brisbane, that’s appalling what they’ve done. there was nothing wrong with it , popular little local show and it gets the chop. Could they bring it back when it is realised hot seat and this afternoon were complete wastes of time and money while Seven continues as number 1?

  2. creamydelight

    9 have made one mistake after the other. Just when I think they are beginning to turn things around they do something like this. I don’t want to be all doom and gloom but me thinks this will be a complete disaster. 9 has never had any luck with early evening chatfests.

  3. Bruce will be sadly missed. He is an asset to the Nine News team here in Queensland. All the best Paigy.
    As for Extra. Nine can’t get much more stupid. Seriously.

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