Sunday night magic for TEN

merlin4TEN took out another confident Sunday night thanks to its line-up of Merlin, MasterChef Australia and Rove. All three won their timeslots.

MasterChef was again the top show of the night with 1.89m while Rove‘s huge 1.54m (including overrun length) was its best of the year. Clearly, interest in seeing Rudd meet Bruno was a tempting offer -even if it didn’t happen. The show has also generated plenty of press today too.

60 Minutes, Sunday Night and Random Acts of Kindness each did good business but Border Security USA / The Force and CSI had tough competition. Even the ABC’s Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple beat Nine’s crime double.

Another interesting week is already taking shape…

Week 27


  1. Ten have got a winning formula for a relaxing Sunday night. A perfect antidote to all the doom and gloom around. Only thing that would top it is something funny and cool to follow Rove – the moaning Yankie fatties isn’t the answer.

  2. people always complain about tv shows over running but if they had a dvd recorder and an epg they just select the program you want to record and it starts recording when the show actually starts

  3. rove looks pretty dam good next week too! some pretty cool guests next week!! including ( not in studio) harry potter kids,toni collette who i love! short stack are an awesome band too, just need 1 more good guest!

  4. I would rather watch CSI but the constant swapping between franchises and repeated episodes slipped in every which way ,does more harm than good. No wonder People are choosing alternatives

  5. @George i also noticed that roves interview with bruno was longer than usually, i have often though that roves interviews are way to short compared to the american talk shows(o’brian etc) last night was the first time in in long time that an interview continued after an ad break, although i must admit i haven’t watched rove lately but i watched it last night to see bruno. have the interviews been longer that last few weeks or just last night?

  6. MasterChef is the best! Merlin is definitely watchable but not as tops as MasterChef. Merlin is good especially when you want something light compared to other networks’ programs that night. Good one Ten – what a way to finish the EOFY! But what’s next after MasterChef?? Celeb MasterChef perhaps??

  7. toriwannabe

    Andre did well last night on MasterChef although his description of his main course as “my heart on a plate…literally” had me gagging. Don’t people actually know what “literally” means?!

  8. Good on you Ten for winning and all, but i’m cranky that i foolishly didn’t anticipate a Rove over-run – I IQd Harper’s Island and missed all the murdering! Damn.

  9. yay. love how ten is winning sundays!! so i have noticed that masterchef’s producers have extended the show by not having an elimination this week and bringing back a contestant which is a great idea i rekon!! i would like to see justine back!!!!!

  10. If Rove can produce more episodes like the one last night I can see his ratings constantly exploding from now on., Having 3 guests and a music performance is much better than 2 guests and a music performance, and it felt like he had a longer interview than normal with Bruno, which was good.

    MasterChef deserved those ratings last night. It was a fantastic episode and the contestants are really showing themselves as very talented people.

    I Sunday Night last night.. All I can say is the following: WTF!? Their segment on pirated movies funding terrorism was absolute crap. All they had was one person saying “oh yeah, the profits fund terrorism” and they took it as fact.

    I couldn’t stand to watch Random Acts of Sap last night, because I watched it last week and wanted to vomit. That show deserves to come 3rd! You can tell Nine are doing it to boost their egos and score some easy ratings. If Karl wasn’t on the show it’d be a different story.

  11. I thought SN would get a boost with the Jackson stuff, next week will be interesting.

    Good going TEN, I bet they are wishing the UK did longer seasons with Merlin.

  12. 9 will be glad that CSI is finally over. it has come 4th in it’s timeslot for 5 weeks now. i think the movies will do better and that’s saying something.

    well done ten

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