4:30, spot the difference.

430Mark Ferguson was back behind his news desk today for the 4:30 News, looking very comfortable -dare we say relieved?

In crossing to reporters with live stories and breaking news what was the difference between this and THIS afternoon? Well, it doesn’t have Andrew Daddo and Katrina Blowers, or a slant to entertainment on a bright orange set.

But the news reporters still file and still deliver news in exactly the same way as they would have for the former show, axed after 12 days.

Just without the CAPS.


  1. Phil Jordan

    Now its gone the afternnon crap that replaced extra, bring EXTRA back and I will return to nine, I stoped watching Nine in protest, switching to TEN, but would go back in a flash if extra returned.

  2. whats really going on at 9?
    may be today tonight should do an undercover piece and expose (with exaggeration of course) the monkey at the switch

  3. Seems a bit bizarre that Ferguson is still on air on 9.

    Surely any reasonable person would rather keep his profile low until he leaves the network for 7 – there is such a thing as ‘advertising for the competition’.

    But then again, reason and 9 have been strange bedellows ever since Kerry Packer passed on.

  4. Just shows what a Joke Nine News has become… what a massive waste of money from an network that does not have a massive amount of money to begin with.

    So add THISafternoon to the list of dud shows like homeMADE.

    Maybe Nine should remove the caps look from all their PCs and their shows will start to work

  5. Katrina Blowers and Andrew Daddo should never be able to host a tv show ever again. They were horrible. They were one of the major problems with the show.

  6. Yes im sure Mark is happy now not having to work with them two fools,hope nine gets James Tailia as the regular 4.30pm newsreader,James did the job in june filling in for a few weeks and did a great job l thought.

  7. TVTonightKiiD

    Channel 7 and 9 news presenters are boring with no personality. I can just congratulate channel 7 on Sunrise and The Morning Show as the hosts are outstanding and fun to watch. However their news programs are boring and ‘way too professional’. Channel TEN’s presenters are a joy to watch especially when they had Sandra Sully with sports presentor Brad on the Late news.

  8. koverstreet

    That orange set was unattractive and very un-Nine like. Reminded me of the set/graphics for Good Morning America which is also on Nine.

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