Airdate: Ashes to Ashes

14The sequel to Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes, is finally coming to ABC1.

Philip Glenister returns as DCI Gene Hunt but this time he is in the 1980s, flanked by his sidekicks DS Ray Carling (Dean Andrews) and DC Chris Skelton (Marshall Lancaster).

This time he is joined by DCI Alex Drake (Keeley Hawes from Spooks) who finds herself in 1981. But thankfully she had been studying detailed reports logged by Mars‘ Sam Tyler.

Based on another David Bowie song, this series has dragged everything into the Eighties, including swapping the Ford Cortina for a red Audi Quattro.

It premieres 9:35pm Monday August 10 on ABC1.


  1. Liked ‘life on mars’ but’ ashes to ashes’ I felt was a washout! –don’t know if it’s a comedy or what. I couldn’t get past the first two episodes! Glenister deserves better scripts than this…

  2. I have just finished watching the second season and the show is as good as the original Mars was so I am glad everybody else will get to see it.
    Hunt is one of the best characters on TV.

  3. Obviously not seen it, but I think maybe they are flogging a dead horse with this one. For once I think the Yanks did it proud with their “re-imaging” and had a far better tie off because for once they were on a fixed timeframe – no more episodes. the Brit version all just seemed very confused and without direction.

    My 2c for what it is worth 🙂

  4. Yes about time but what of the 2nd series, will it follow right after the first?

    I like the series, not as good as Life on Mars but well worth the viewing to see the 80’s again, I was only a kid the first time around…

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