Airdate: Boy Meets Girl

3ABC2 airs the UK dramedy Boy Meets Girl later this month.

The four part series, starring Martin Freeman (The Office, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) premiered on ITV in May, so it’s almost a case of fastracking for the ABC.

Freeman plays drop-out DIY employee Danny Reed whose his whole world flipped upside down when a lightning strike turns him into a woman. No longer is he the lonely loser living in down-and-out digs, but a gorgeous and stylish fashion journalist in her early 30s, Veronica Burton (Rachael Stirling). His body has disappeared without trace and he is inside someone else’s.

Danny tries to get his head around being a woman, learning to walk in high heels and to put on a bra and living with Veronica’s boyfriend Jay (Paterson Joseph) who is patient but increasingly bewildered by her hostility as he attempts to resume romance.

It airs 9:20pm Friday July 31st on ABC2, replacing Being Human.


  1. Great show, and watching it through iView over 9 days instead of 22 was fantastic. Surprised something commissioned by ITV was actually so good!

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