Bruce McAvaney on rumour and innuendo

BrucemcaIn a lengthy interview with the Sunday Herald Sun, Seven sports commentator has answered rumours about his sexuality, many of which have stemmed from his unique style.

“Well, I’m not gay. I’m a normal well, I shouldn’t say I’m a normal bloke, because gay guys are no different. Nothing like that worries me,” he said.

“Anything that is said about me, or inferred about me like that, it never worries me. It doesn’t have an impact on me. It doesn’t change me in one way or another. It’s irrelevant, because it’s not true.”

McAvaney is a regular a source of comedy for the AFL Footy Show team, which lampoons some of his terminology.

“I understand there are going to be rumours that have started, that may have been completely started by someone who has never met me or had nothing to do with me.”

But while many mock his emotive calling style, he is widely recognised for his recall of obscure sports facts.

McAvaney, who has called seven Olympic Games since the 1984 Los Angeles games, also concedes it will be difficult to watch the London Games on Nine.

“But I’ve got to say to myself, I’ve done seven Summer Olympics.

“How happy am I?”

The inimitable commentator adds that he hopes to see out his career at Seven.

“I’m 56, I’m not sure how much longer, A, I’ll keep going at this level, and B, how much they want me. It’s a combination of where the station is at, where I’m at, and who has the rights to football.”



  1. “Craig H says:
    July 26, 2009 at 6:23 am
    The Footy Show guys can only dream of being half the commentator that Bruce is, not only one of the finest sports callers in this country but in the world…gay, straight or otherwise, who cares? Hes damn good at what he does!”

    Get a grip, Craig … the guy is nothing but a walkng database. He knows nothing about tennis or football – all he can do is sprout statistics. Any attempt at actually making an observation about the game is usually follwoed by a hopeful “Isn’t he?” directed at his co-commentator in the hope that the co-commentator will agree. Often the comment is met by silence – even most of his co-commentators think he’s an idiot.

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