Gone: Dance Your Ass Off. Returning: Old Christine, CSI: NY

marissa-jaret-winoker-hostTry not to look surprised.

We all saw this comin’ as soon as it was announced. But it was pretty clear Nine was going all out with a do-or-die move with Dance Your Ass Off. Consider it dead, and jot it down as one of those titles we’ll all reference when we get to the end of the year and look back and ask “what the hell were they thinking?”

The show is no more. As of next week it’s more Two and a Half Men at 7:30pm followed by the return of New Adventures of Old Christine.

At 8:30pm, yes it’s more 20 to 1 with a new episode.

At 9:30pm CSI: NY returns with “The Box” S5E09 followed by “The Triangle” S5E10 ( a week later the 10:30 slot is a repeat)

Nine has even pulled Little Britain as a result. That’s an awful lotta changes.

So far Nine News is still intact at 11:30pm but hey, they still have a few days up their sleeve.


  1. franz chong

    What they could do is bring back an Airline/Airport Type Programme and put that on between 7:30 and 8pm one or two nights a week.
    Here is an even better idea find a home grown Australian Comedy or something from America or England one hasn’t seen in years and use that Any Ideas anyone?

  2. franz chong

    Look at the Nine Viewing these days.

    I remember as a kid after school watching Humphrey Bear,Channel Niners later known as C’Mon Kids Plus Looney Tunes Cartoons This was The Channel Nine of Kerry Packer.

    Now look at them today they are the home of 2.5 men CSI and 20 TO 1

  3. Good to see Nine’s living up to it’s promises – there’s a good reason their new digital channel is called ‘GO!’ coz nothing they put on seems to ‘Stay!’ for long

  4. hillarious…
    nine really should just go back to the drawing board, something new is needed. And no more reality based TV for you, just doesn’t do it for me

  5. A twisted part of me smiles when I hear shows like that getting canned, not because I like to see someone eles failure but I feel insulted that comercial networks seem to peddle this rubbish out expecting that the public will jump on board no matter how stupid it is (I’m looking at you David Tench Tonight ).

    The part that gets me is that if most people commenting here could pick it as a dud then why did it get the green light to begin with?

  6. Well I guess it was bound to happen. Great to see Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ comedy make a return to screens.

    So is the Saturday afternoon encore showing of Dance Your Ass Off still screening or not?

  7. @Scott – Nine are rarely original these days. Queue to their DWTS rip-off, Dancing on Ice, and now another rip-off of that, playing off the ratings of Biggest Loser. What I’m waiting for is a rip-off of Masterchef (and I wouldn’t be surprised if there already is one).

  8. Fatty Dancing?????!!!! The question has to be asked – worst show ever? Monster House and Yasmin are two contenders that come to mind, but I think it was Fatty Dancing that saw the last hope for humanity cast aside and the the time come for us, as a species, to check out.

  9. I wanna look surprised.
    Still the same question remains unanswered – who is running the programming department at Nine and how on earth have they still got a job.

  10. Nice to see Old Christine back, but I don’t see it rating well against 7’s factual (forgot which one they have on then) and Your Gen. Or then again it might end up rating well like TBBT. Also this means that 20 to 01 is on at 8:30 Tues and Thu. They may as well just strip it across 8:30 weekdays. 😉

  11. I can understand the decision to remove Dance my Buttocks Away, but some day soon Nine are really going to have to find something other than CSI, 20 to 1 and Two and a Half Men to fill their schedule.

    Yes these endless repeats rate reasonably well, but there is nothing to build a schedule on here. No home grown programs thta can generate international sales, no new concepts thart can inspire loyalty and big viewing figures (a la carte Masterchef.) Nothing.

    Whilst many may cheer Nine consuming itself in an endless circle of Two and a Half Men repeats it just encourages laziness and makes life less attractive all the time for the average viewer.

  12. This doesn’t surprise me and very happy to see CSI: NY in it’s place.
    Aside from the fact that it was such a stupid show in the first place so why would anyone want to watch it, what’s the point in watching any new show on nine anymore? They can have so much trouble keeping shows that people have proven they watch on regularly, so why risk gettong attached to a new show. Now they’re gone after one episode.

  13. At least 9 are moving quickly to kill off duds. The question is, how long will 10 take to put the 7PM Project out of its misery? I see where it’s lost over 30 per cent of its audience in its first 3 days of airing. Ouch, that hurts!

  14. franz chong

    I wasn’t at all surprised to see the axing of Dance Your ss off.

    So disgusting How can anyone watch a show about fat people.

    But why more 20 to 1 or 2.5 men Time for something Fresh and New People.

    Here is one suggestion why not an OC type show at that time of night something that not even the ABC do anymore

    It is good news about New Adventures of Old Christine returning as I have only rarely seen the show due to the fact I work nights.

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