Returning: CSI Miami. Gone: Cold Case

csi-miamiNine brings CSI: Miami back to schedule in two weeks, elbowing Cold Case out of schedule.

It returns 9:30pm Wednesday July 22nd.

“Cheating Death” episode 7 of S7 airs in Sydney and Brisbane whilst “Head Case”, ep 12 airs in Melbourne, which is ahead following Underbelly issues last year.

Given State of Origin airs next Wednesday that means no more Cold Case for now.


  1. I’ve been so looking forward to the remaining Cold Case episodes, how aggravating! It was the only remaining show I watch on Channel Nine….no surprise, given the way their shows/viewers are treated.

  2. Shame.

    As much as i like this show i can’t be bothered anymore trying to keep up with 9’s constant swapping and changing.

    Stopped watching Miami for the same reason.

    9 seem totally incapable of showing any series in sequence and running order….except for homeFLOP

  3. I have issues witht the fact the CSI Miami is now in another timeslot. It used to be 8.30 Wed back in 2005. SInce its move, I have struggled to watch it, then it moved to 9.30 Sundays again after being off air. I give up watching it, even though I like it coz it will m=be moved again soon, and I will miss another 5-10 episodes or a whole season… Grrrr!!

  4. Why do yo never mention Perth when mentioning what time and when a show is returning? Its always Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne!

    There are other people in this country too you know!

    • Kylie when it’s Nine shows it’s always Syd/Melb/Bris which are PBL Media networks. Perth’s Nine is owned by WIN. You will see when I write Seven and TEN amendments they are national. Usually WIN just follows PBL so you can take it as read, but as the amendment does not stipulate Adelaide or Perth I’m not about to presume….

  5. Disappointing that Nine has taken Cold Case off air despite there being only a handful of episodes to go in the season. On the bright side, CSI: Miami is another awesome show so it is good to see that back. Shame they couldn’t do 8:30 Cold Case followed by 9:30 CSI: Miami. At least they managed to air the original CSI’s full latest season by now. All three shows should be fast tracked in my opinion. The CSI and CSI: Miami should be back to back Sunday night and Cold Case after the Mentalist works well on Wednesday.

  6. prefer cold case over csi miami, as csi i too fake with all the cheesy one liners, and cool calm attitude of horatio, in one ep someone got shot dead right in front off him and he just walked up to the body all slow and calm, like that’s realistic lol. also the storylines of cold case and a lost more interesting and unique.

  7. What is wrong with the Nine Network when a show like Cold Case is recieveing about 800thousand viewers a week. Cold Case had recently been on hold for about 4 week because of the State of Origin and the death of Michael Jackson. It’s about time Nine returns Cold Case. It a shame that Nine contiunes to changing programming out of the blue when it not neccesary, it’s getting old, and it needs to stop. Return Cold Case to wednesday, and move the weaker CSI Miami show to Sunday.

  8. I don’t understand Nine Cold Case is performing ok. The whole problem with the Nine network this year is that there is too much chopping, changing and incompatible leadin programs – this is not a good way to build brand and viewer loyalty. CSI Miami is weaker than Cold Case as well. And should prehaps be used to anchor Nine’s Sunday night taking the reins from CSI.

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