Tuesday night’s a bitch

melrose1Melrose has decided Tuesday nights are a bitch once more.

Back in the 1990s, TEN had the irrepressable campaign ‘Tuesday night’s a Bitch’, a spin on the US slogan ‘Mondays are a Bitch.’ Now with the CW remake, it’s brought back the phrase, with a new night that ironically syncs with TEN’s former phrase.

“We have an absolute drop-dead gorgeous cast, we have a fun show where everybody is dating everybody else, and we wanted a scandalous kind of soap opera,” said The CW’s Rick Haskins.

“We tried to capture a heightened reality of the show. We think it captures Melrose the way ‘OMFG’ did Gossip Girl.”


Yes that was a marketing campaign that generated some buzz and criticism -just what you need to create awareness.

Each image makes strong use of the show’s iconic apartment complex and swimming pool, trying to turn the show’s setting into a character.

The new-look series starts in the US on September 8th.

While TEN has the rights here, somehow I doubt it fits with their Tuesday night line up now, with the action of NCIS proving so popular. Feels more like a replacement for Supernatural

But then we just love that slogan.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. I havent heard much about this or consistantly anyway but if they dont listen to tbe other bloggers on tv tonight then it will fail and ussualy in tv land the view is always right

  2. i dont think this will last on 10, but i hope it does, i dont see why 10 has to take so long to show it, if they are planning of picking it up i have no idea why they don’t start it hear on September 9th or somewhere around that date, if they have no plans of picking it up then thats a different story, this and 90210 in a row would be a great prime-time lineup, and even better for GO

  3. I am looking forward to it – I just don’t want TEN to axe it like they did 90210. I never watched 90210 but TEN has a habit of axing shows and then never showing them again! At least 7 shows their low rating shows at 10.30 (Lost, Lipstick Jungle, Heroes, Prison Break, 24).

    I agree with Belinda NCIS does need rest time. If you have seen it once why put on so many repeats in the second half of the year?

    Let’s just hope they pick a night to suit their demographic. Just don’t put it up against Desperate Housewives cos their is a similarity (of sorts) – so Mondays should be out for that reason. Maybe Wednesdays? House isn’t as good as it once was and Criminal Minds on 7 is a different demo, 9 can’t win Wednesdays – so it might work?

  4. I doubt very much that it’ll be any better than 90210 its on the CW which is very female focused, it will be the same drap that 90210 was. A teeny bopper version of the old Melrose. There is no way in the world Ten would place this on a Tuesday night.

  5. “We already know that plot is not the reason anyone would watch, after all.”

    Lies! It was the over-the-top plots that made Melrose Place! Kimberly stealing Jo’s baby and proceeding to breastfeed it? Sydney leading a prostitution ring? Amanda’s Christmas Carol dream?

    If there’s one main reason I’m watching, it’s for the new over-the-top plots which judging by the promo video, will be fantastic.

  6. Well, their graphic designers certainly played fast and loose with the colour palette in the ads, which looks absolutely brilliant. The show, however, I still call “fail” on.

    Indeed, if you weren’t already in the know about what they were for, those (especially the “hump day” one) could be ads for the latest porn release. Which leads to the question – if people are attracted to the show on the basis of those ads, wouldn’t they get more of what they want if they just headed straight for the porn instead of the whiff of it that this show will deliver?

    We already know that plot is not the reason anyone would watch, after all.

  7. I still think they should just trial it in Summer on Tuesday nights with the original slogan and move it to the grave yard with 90210 if it flops or to Fridays if it gets a following.. They have to give NCIS a rest sometime.

  8. would they really put it on a monday after 90210 failed so badly there? pretty much everything 10 puts on a monday does badly, worse than you would expect and worse than it would do on another night, they are kinda doomed on mondays.

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