Blast from the past

msRecognise this face?

It’s actor Mat Stevenson, best known for his years on Home & Away as ‘Adam Cameron’ from 1989 – 1994.

Next week he appears in another Seven show, City Homicide.

Although it’s been some time since he was a regular on our screens, Stevenson has also had guest roles in MDA, Blue Heelers and All Saints.

In Monday night’s show he plays a small role, as a dad, a first step in a renewed return to the industry. He also has a small role in Guy Pearce’s new flick Animal Kingdom.

Wonder if any more former Summer Bay stars will be popping up? Dieter Brummer for the Homicide squad?


  1. Bring Bobby back?

    Nicole Dickson hasn’t worked since Homo & Gay, and no wonder – she was a crap actress. (By the way, the Homo/Gay slur is ok, since I am one)

  2. I wish they’d leave these washed up former teen heartthrobs from the Summer Bay School of Drama where they belong- in the past. Les Hill and Daniel Amalm are the reasons why I didn’t even bother to sample Rescue Special Ops. I wouldn’t be surprised if some genius casting director had the bright idea of resurrecting Lance and Martin in their own show. Enough!

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