Fight for Sunday night

Sunday night was a close race wherever you looked. All the networks had reason to smile.

dwtsSunday night was a close race wherever you looked. All the networks had reason to smile somewhere in this morning’s figures.

It was a three-way tussle for the night between the three commercial broadcasters, with Seven just pipping the others at the post. It finished with 25.5%, just ahead of Nine’s 24.9% and TEN’s 24.5%.

While Seven News was #1 for the night, the real interest lay elsewhere.

Dancing with the Stars‘ 1,301,000 beat Australian Idol‘s 1,300,000 by the slimmest of margins, and as expected, the split in variety audiences improved 60 Minutes to 1.21m.

Nine’s Rescue: Special Ops held its audience from last week, and more impotantly, won its slot with 1.14m. The figure is far from what a new Aussie drama should be nabbing so early in its life, but such is the battle on Sundays.

There was also a fight going on in the public broadcaster sector with SBS’ 12.3% almost eclipsing ABC’s 12.9%.

The 2009 Ashes Series powered to 804,000 and on the ABC Stephen Fry in America took a respectable 979,000.

If only our networks were this close every week, we’d be smothered for choice.

Updated: GO! launched last night but Nine advises none of its titles  or share will be tallied by OzTAM until August 23.

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  1. @Kenny – I didn’t know the show actually ended early, (I wasn’t watching) I thought they used the Perfect Couple as filler, but ITA don’t they have a stand by segment for just an occasion?

    What amateurs, it’s like they haven’t been doing the show for 30 years or how every long it’s been on the air.

  2. @Craig “BTW why did Rescue start on time” – posts elsewhere here. 60 Minutes ended at 8:19 followed by 11 mins of commercials & promos. They dropped the last item in 60M and couldn’t find anything else to fill with. OMG!! What amateurs.

  3. David any numbers on Wipeout yet 🙂 okay maybe not worth the bother…

    IMO GO! will be good for Nine, anything that takes viewers from the others can only help them in the over all numbers at the end of the night/week. Guess we have a couple of weeks before that starts to filter through.

    BTW why did Rescue start on time, I switched over from ABC expecing the mail segment on 60 Min only to find RSO had already started… BTW anyone else spot the similarities with Rush and the high rise rescue? At least this one wasn’t naked, but because I miss a bit I don’t know how she ended up out there on the ledge.

  4. I don’t think that Sunday night is the best night for an Aussie drama. City Homicide, which rated around 1.5mil on a Monday night got much lower figures when it ran Sunday nights (around what Rescue is receiving) I notice CH has gone back to Monday.

  5. GO! launched last night but none of its titles landed in the Top 100, below 64,000. Survivor is expected to be its biggest drawcard tomorrow night.

    David, Mediaweek last week said GO! wouldn’t be rated for 2 weeks. Mistake or have I misinterpreted something?

  6. While the total people share for the night was very close, Ten easily won 18-49 and 16-39, while Nine won 25-54 from 6pm-10.30pm, but I’m sure 6pm-midnight would be very similar. So even though Seven just managed to win the night in total people, that was thanks to their huge 49.4% share of the 50+ audience.

  7. Surely Nine had a smell of legal action and would have had contingency plans to drop a replacement story into 60 Minutes – even an old story – rather than subject us to 11 minutes of commercials & promos. Then again, Nine is Nine. Rerunning the earlier Newsbreak at 8:20, throwing to “stay tuned for 60 Minutes” only added to their amateurish recovery plan.

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