GO! missed ratings deadline

GO!Nine was so hush-hush on plans for its new digital channel GO! that it didn’t give OzTAM enough notice of its launch date.

As a result ratings will not emerge until Sunday August 23.

OzTAM chief Kate Inglis-Clark said Nine had failed to give the required notice for its August 9 launch.

“We just put the systems in place,” Inglis-Clark told The Australian. “It’s just timing. They had to give eight weeks’ notice.”

By that reckoning Nine must have told OzTAM its plans on or abouts June 28th.

In this most confidential of industries, it didn’t make any public announcements for another two and a half weeks, July 15.

Les Sampson, Head of Multichannels, said Nine would also push for changes to classification rules as it wades through the limitations around daytime programming.

Clarification: Despite previous advice to this site, share for GO! was added to Nine last week. Apologies for any confusion.

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Source: The Australian


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