Gone: Commercial Breakdown, Kitchen Nightmares

Nine's Tuesday night line-up is changing again, to bring in a Will Ferrell flick. But at least in time for Guides to be in sync.

wfIn the musical chairs that is Nine’s Tuesday nights, it is again changing its line up. The only difference this time is it’s doing so with enough time for Guides to get in sync.

On Tuesday August 25th, Commercial Breakdown Adults Only and Kitchen Nightmares will be out, replaced by a repeat movie: Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.

The 2006 film stars Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly and Sacha Baron Cohen.

The dumped shows replaced a previously dumped Tuesday line-up that included CSI: New York and The New Adventures of Old Christine, which in turn replaced Dance Your Ass Off which in turn replaced…. well, you get the drift.

Maybe Nine’s viewers were watching Survivor last night?

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  1. If I needed to advertise, it wouldn’t be on 9. How many repeats can they play, how many times can 21/2 men be repeated. How many crap US crime shows can be played on tv? And the only decent show they play has been canned again, what happened to Ramsay? What, are they going broke and can’t afford to buy any new shows? Maybe a current affair should do a show on the crap line up of shows they play.

  2. Sooner or later people are going to get fed up with Two and a Half Men Channel Nine.
    At this rate It will be sometime in the next decade that we go back to a game show at 7pm weeknights.

  3. The movie for Tuesday September 1 is Blades of Glory – but as that is 2 and a half weeks from now, it may change.

    Also – looks like channel 9 will be sticking with the 7.30 Wednesday 2.5 Men even after Australia’s Perfect Couple finishes (no doubt becuase it is rating). Big bang is doing well now, so maybe do that on Wednesday night as well. 8pm Wed Spet 2 is a “TBA” at this stage.

  4. go should rate well as its more like a 4th fta rather than aiming at nichie market, as there would be at least one show than would appeal to most on go!, i have found myself watching it everyday since launch.

  5. @ Zambora
    work for 9 do you?
    Bit of a Freudian slip with “more viewers leaving our network along with advertisers”.
    Stop being a snitch and see if you can get a job at another network. Hmmmmm

  6. LMAO if Survivor is rating higher than what’s on Nine. But it couldn’t happen, could it? I mean, given it’s a digital station, and that there are still lots of people who don’t have access to digital tv, it couldn’t be rating that well. Could it?

    On a side note, it was a great start to the season.

  7. I did watch survivor on GO! and was actually looking forward to it after many years off screen. Maybe because i’m (nearly) guaranteed to see the whole season on GO!, on the same day, at the same time every week..

  8. Not Again Channel Nine.For Those of Us with DVD players attached to your Televisions Go to Your Library or Video Store and Borrow Some Quality Programming.You won’t regret it better than anything Nine can dish at us on a Tuesday Night.
    Enough Also with Two and a Half Men People are getting Fed Up.I say Bring Back Larry Emdur and the Price is Right!!!!!!

  9. Yeh David, was thinking to myself that GO!’s Tuesday line-up seems better than Nine’s!! There has been quite a bit of sampling of GO! in our house, I must say. It would have been interesting if ratings were being measured for GO! launch week as it have had some interesting results. Wondering if Nine should just mark guides as Tuesday as To Be Announced for the whole night. Thank God for this site and my EPG, otherwise I wouldnt know whats going on!!

  10. ah nine, you’ve done it again.

    about ramsay, i watched a show lat this afternoon, on abc2 i think, think it was from new zealand but a guy goes to struggling restaurants sees what they’re doing wrong, changes their menus, fixes up the place to get the restaurant booming. this guy did all this without swearing once and the transformation was brilliant. he shoudl go to ramsay’s restaurants and teach him a few things.

  11. Congrats to Nine.
    World record achieved – 8735 dumped programmes in 1 year.
    Not even a week goes by without a change.
    More Bert & Charlie on our network than an other show.
    And finally, more viewers leaving our network along with advertisers.
    P,S, By the way, the onl laughs Nine gives us nowadays is in the TVtonight headlines of Gone on Nine today……:

  12. Oh…what a surprise…

    Commercial Breakdown Adults Only is ultra cheap television at it’s absoloute worst. Even the host has contempt for what he is doing…but it’s a big step up from the old Dermie version in The Mint vault. Anyone ever see that?!

    Ramsay, while obnoxious, is quite watchable in Nightmares. But then he offended Princess Tracie so don’t expect Nine to do him any favours.

  13. This movie did quite well for nine the last time they played it, although i cant remember if it was a tuesday night or a wednesday night. either way, people who usually watch another channel, arn’t gonna drop everything just to watch a movie instead. That said, it will do well in its timeslot in the 16-39 demo

  14. Gordon Ramsay, I’m afraid to say, is on the nose with australian viewers, I used to be a fan of his shows, but no more. The same ole,same ole of kitchen nightmares is starting to wain for instance, there is only so many times you can show the ramsay getting stuck into a restaurant, and by the end of the episode, turned it around for the better.

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