Hosts announced for Great Aussie Cook Off

Jo and Vince3Nine’s new weekend lifestyle show The Great Aussie Cook Off will be hosted by Vince Sorrenti and Jo Silvagni.

To air in October, the 8 part series will air at 5pm Sundays -far less profile than TEN’s MasterChef. With a leading supermarket behind it, the show is one of a growing number of sponsor-driven entertainment series.

The competition sees families of 4 from around Australia compete against each other in a celebration of culinary cultural diversity.

“There is nothing nicer than having a good laugh with the family while enjoying a hearty meal prepared in the home kitchen,” said Sorrenti. “I can’t wait to see what our chosen families cook up during the series as each family member including the kiddies adds their special touch”.

Former Sale of the Century hostess Jo Silvagni said, “I’m thrilled to be involved in this great new series that will inspire Aussie families to enjoy the fun and pleasure of home cooking. I love the idea that the recipes designed by each competing family will be available for viewers at home who can try them out for themselves and vote for their favourite”.

Filming began yesterday on the new series.

Meanwhile Seven is casting for its own My Kitchen Rules series with teams of 2.


  1. Rumour has it they didn’t even bother to contact or follow up with teams who trialled, despite all out of pocket costs being covered by the families at the auditions, if this is the start wheres it heading?

  2. After thought vince sorrenti shoud be doing tooth paste adds on t.v. not cooking and as for jo bailey how long will it take her to throw up over sorrenti’s mundane humour

  3. silvagni & sorrenti gee another cooking show, when will it stop, why do the networks think thats all we want to watch on t.v. , is there no one out there in tee-vee land that can come up with a new format, looks like i will have to ring the foxtell people up. P.S. i cant see the new(old) show last more than 4 weeks thats right you heard it first from me

  4. This will last as long as Vinces’ last major TV Show ‘Let’s make a Deal’…
    I think that is something we would all rather like to forget.

  5. Concept – sounds good
    The production backer – sounds dodgy
    Maybe Vince has some hidden talent. As for Jo, you doubt there is any thing hidden in the talent department, but we could all be wrong – lets hope

  6. Great – I’m really looking forward to this one – good hosts – but why oh why is the Nine Network scheduling it on at 5pm on a Sunday – crazy time especially when the days will be getting longer here in Queensland and many will be doing other things than turning on TV at that hour!!!

  7. Ugh !
    Families of four (nice to see stereotypical family picked again) and the choice of hosts is weird. Neither Silvagni or Sorrenti come across as home cooks

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