Injunction halts Beyond the Darklands

btdChannel Seven has been prevented from running an episode of Seven’s true crime series Beyond The Darklands, in Victoria tonight, following a court injunction.

The Court of Appeal has injuncted a broadcast which focusses on serial murderer and rapist Peter Dupas. Dupas is currently appealing his latest conviction and sentence over the murder of Mersina Halvagis.

The episode produced by Screentime (Underbelly) charts Dupas’ life and criminal activity from childhood. It features interviews with his his ex-wife, neighbours, co-workers and parole officers as well his first victim and the families of victims. Psychologist Leah Giarratano (pictured) provides commentary on the case including theories on Dupas’ mental state.

The injunction follows a ban on Screentime’s Underbelly series in the state of Victoria in 2008.

While Seven’s episode will still run around the rest of the country tonight, Victorian viewers will instead see a repeat of  Criminal Minds at 9:30pm. Seven hopes to screen the ep in the near future.

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