Jules Lund lands Bert’s gig

jlUpdated: Nine has since advised two pilots were shot with both Jules Lund & Bert Newton, but there are no guarantees it will be approved for production, despite the fact it was flagged by Nine at the end of 2008.

Originally, it was promised as a show to be hosted by Bert Newton, but When I Grow Up may be hosted by Nine’s Jules Lund.

The show will look at life through a child’s eyes. Described as “fun, family entertainment that empowers kids and captures the enthusiasm, wonder and hilarity of how they view the world,”  it is due to screen on Nine later this year.

It captures children’s reactions to a number of kiddie-like challenges, including cake decorating and packing eggs on an assembly line (it looks very similar to the famous chocolate assembly line that stumped Lucille Ball).

Newton was originally announced with the show earlier this year, but perhaps his work commitments, particularly with the musical Wicked, put an end to that.

Other celebs will appear on the show too, including Deni Hines and Barry Crocker.

Lund currently hosts Australia’s Perfect Couple -maybe he’s turning into the new Bert?


  1. I find Jules Lund strangely amusing. He was on that show where people in unflattering swimsuits got knocked into a swimming pool, and I thought he was pretty funny in that (no one else did though).

  2. 20 to 1, Two and a half men and Jules Lund. Is that all Channel 9 has got?? I agree with Taz. What have Channel 9 done to the talented Tim Campbell. Why don’t they put CSB back on. It is only 5 shows and it rated better than any of these other shows in Jan with no advertising, promotion or anything.

  3. Jules Lund is a terrific guy, a good presenter and is popular on Getaway. It’s not Jules that is the turn off – it’s the flimsy formats Nine places him in. I agree with others – Nine is destroying this guy’s brand.

  4. I think this increasing trotting out of Jules Lund shows exactly how out of touch with viewer likes and dislikes Nine are. How come they can’t see what is bleeding obvious to the rest of us? Lund is a turn off. No wonder Nine is on a downward slide to third place.

  5. Jules Lund is someone who tries to be cool but it looks all wrong and kind of pathetic…stil, hes one step up from Catriona Rowntree I suppose…

  6. I don’t hate Jules Lund, but I am sick on Nine’s habit of recycling the same old hosts for every single show. Shelley Craft, Catriona Rowntree, Eddie McGuire, Natalie Gruzlewski. Usual suspects, mutiple programs.
    Please try someone new.

  7. By the new Bert, do you mean no one wants to watch him??? Why do they think Jules Lund would be a good choice as host?? Hole in the Wall, Perfect Couple, massive bombs. I can’t stand him.

  8. I was looking forward to this show, the pilot was supposedly very funny with Bert. But not now. When will Nine realize that anything with Jules Lund fails? If Bert can’t do the show, look outside the network to find another comedian. Ten did that with Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation, and look at the success they have had.

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