Magda fronts Spearman Experiment

It's official. Magda Szubanski will front TEN's new pop-culture quiz show, The Spearman Experiment.

magdaIt’s official. Magda Szubanski will front TEN’s new pop-culture quiz show, The Spearman Experiment.

The show will screen on Tuesday nights in September, as a variation on 20 to 1‘s clip show.

“I’m a sucker for a bit of potentially life-altering trivia,” she told news.com.au.

“It’s going to be a slightly twisted trip down memory lane. Besides, Channel 10 are doing pretty well at the moment so I thought I’d park my bike there for a bit.”

Again, this is surely a replacement to Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation.

Szubanski has been hot fave for the show as far back as May.

According to Wikipedia, Charles Edward Spearman (1863 – 1945) was an English psychologist known for work in statistics, as a pioneer of factor analysis, and for Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient. He also did seminal work on models for human intelligence, including his theory that disparate cognitive test scores reflect a single general factor and coining the term ‘g factor.’

Source: news.com.au, Wikipedia

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  1. I hear Magda is narrating a hilarious doco about Skippy coming out next Thurs 17th on ABC… Can’t wait for that.. an icon narrating a story of another icon… perfect!!!! Lock it in!!

  2. The Gruen Transfer, The 7pm Project, The Spearman Experiment, we are getting very la-di-da with our show names lately (well apart from SBS where it is Squiz and Wiz), will be interesting too see how this goes, pity it is not Amanda Keller hosting for mine, use to love her show on the ABC called Mondo Thingo back in 2004 (there is a show for you to resurrect Ten).

  3. I’m not sure how well this will go down, especially seeing it is a copy of 20 to 1 (who was it who said Ten were the only original network???), which will likely be in direct competition with 20 to 1 in the 7.30 Tuesday timeslot.

  4. Didn’t Magda’s Funny Bits have like old Fast Forward/Full Frontal clips? If so it would have had some quality stuff but it was just presented poorly.

    I just hope that Magda can regain some of the respect she lost doing the dreadful K&K.

  5. this is a major coup. anything magda is remotely involved with will be a super hit. she is one of our most iconic figures.

    i just wonder how this will affect the future of kath and kim. maybe she can be in one of those deals that allowed kate ritchie to be in underbelly while she was still contracted to 7.

  6. Is this basically a Australian version of the British game show ‘Eight out of ten Cats’?

    This sounds good and it will be good to see Magda back on the box on something other than ACA.

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