Andy Lee joins The Front Bar

Seven has a coup by signing Andy Lee to The Front Bar.

“Obviously, he’ll learn a lot from working with two of the industry giants … and Andy Maher,” Mick Molloy said on Friday.

Lee, a true blue Carlton fan, so far has no other TV gigs confirmed for 2020. Nine has not renewed Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation and is yet to announce any Hamish & Andy project.

“Management and I weighed up all of our available options and it certainly wasn’t just a money issue … it had a lot to do with a lifelong supply of beer which The Morning Show couldn’t match,” Lee said.

Lee’s original format True Story with Hamish Blake, was recently sold to NBC.

The Front Bar returns to Seven soon.


  1. I genuinely love this show, and I’ve not doubt Andy Lee will be a great addition but Did they miss an opportunity to get a full time female panelist here? I think Sam Lane would have been a great fit! She’s smart funny and knows her football.

  2. It is good Andy is doing something on his own without Hamish, but this show is already a success. Don’t go changing it to much.

    Does this mean Fitzy won’t have a role anymore?

  3. While I think it will probably still be fine, it is very dangerous to have a sports show of any kind where 75% of the hosts support the same team. The jokes can tend to get old fast.

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