Nine’s terrible Tuesdays

gordonramsayTuesday remains a struggle for Nine after another low night for the network.

Nine barely scraped over the 20% share, coming third for the evening.

The best it could manage was 1.16m for Nine News. But with slight content including Commercial Breakdown Adults Only and Kitchen Nightmares USA is anybody surprised? Kerry Packer ripped out naughty commercials decades ago.

And Gordon Ramsay’s star has long fallen with Australian viewers. Nine should know this better than anybody, just ask Tracy Grimshaw. He could only manage 377,000 in a 10:15pm timeslot.

The problem for Nine is that while it continues to rip shows in and out of its schedule its trust with the audience diminishes, and the flow-on effect is that viewers won’t even try good shows that deserve an audience. Case in point: Rescue: Special Ops and The Farmer Wants a Wife. Both had disappointing premieres this week.

It was Seven and TEN that continued to compete on Tuesday nights with Rafters on 1.87m and Generation on 1.51m.

Sadly for Nine, the only answer is to change the line-up. Again.

Week 32


  1. what ever happened to ‘the unusuals’. surely it’s worth a shot above all the other comedys that are going into rotation on tuesday. i know it wasn’t renewed. but i though it looked interesting and it was on 9’s to do list at the beginning of the year, and i don’t think i’ve seen it on any lists for GO!.

    maybe 20to1, 2.5men, 2.5men, unusuals, commercial breakdown, ramsay.

    other than that i think marco’s idea of a movie rerun might be a goer. then come september they can put new stuff there. harry potter did well there a few weeks back and although it wasn’t far above what they have now atleast it ate a bit away from the competition.

  2. @ tomothy
    never give up on anything, no matter if it was 7,9,10 etc.
    maybe u would give up on things but normal ppl dont, they fix their mistakes… and learn from them…lets hope 9 learns from this.

  3. @Marco, I wouldn’t be surprised if they dump the line up for 2.5 Men and a movie next week.

    @Zambora, doubt very much Nine will pouch shows from it’s new network for Tuesday night line up but it will be interesting if GO! performs better next week with Survivor at 8:30 on GO!…

  4. Use GO programming on Tuesday nights. The line up would rate better. Leave it the same for the rest of the year, let it grow. No more 20-1. No more clip shows. Enough Two and a Half Men. Ramsay passed his used by date.

  5. Bindi is right, 10 let “Talk’in bout………”run overtime yesterday as I was still watching way past 8:30pm and changed channels as soon as I realised.

    Foxtel is great like that you can Auto Program a show and it changes channels for you. Sadly the bozos at 7 are not on there yet otherwise it is a good way around it

  6. Not Again Channel Nine.I only got home last night in time for thr Adults Only Two and a Half Men followed by that Commercial Breakdown.Switched Off after that as I can’t stand Gordon Ramsay.
    Where do they go from here?They really need to start from scratch

  7. They did have a 4% share increase over last week; they need to stablise the schedule now enough ripping and pulling shows; its better to have 1 low rating night than as you say David, alienate the audience…..

  8. Nine just needs to find the most cost effective way to get through Tuesdays till the end of the year, and work how to rebuild the night for next year.

    All this chopping and changing every week is just making matters worse.

  9. Why dont Nine just give up, really – give up! You’re a failure of a network, the majority of the shows can be seen on Foxtel or DVD, and the news is a joke. Not one program has been aired in its enitrity in the correct order each and every week for the full 22/24 weeks. Sell your sports programming to Fox Sports or ONE and be done with.

  10. @ Craig:

    Yeah saw that on the Sky News Replay and it was Leila McKinnon (the Take your glasses off Corey woman) and she said: “There is probably a place for the bad boys, probably tucked away really late at night.”

    Wonder if anyone will wake up that it is quality we want, like how Seven had success with running Scrubs in an 8pm timeslot, wonder if they will rethink the late timeslot for 30 Rock and a few others.

  11. If Channel Nine were serious about Tuesdays you’d think they would have sent Farmer Wants A Wife into the fray. Then again who would send one of their better rating shows off to slaughter. Last night’s line up was a complete joke. Can’t wait to see what they pull out next week!…

  12. I spoke to someone from Ch 9 that their line-up from last night bombed again, but he told that during their morning staff meeting, they were somehow pleased with it last time?..

    I informed him that this website, stated that Ch 9 was again savaged in the ratings by both PTTR & Generations, & that they had to redo the line-up.

  13. 9 are quite directionless at the moment, much like 7 was in 2004 (regularly coming 3rd behind 10) until Dancing with the Stars came along and saved it from an even bigger disaster. Perhaps they need to fastrack Hey Hey Its Saturday.

    9 have shown gross incompetence lately, the failure to build any brand/audience loyalty is only going to get worse before it gets better, someone, anyone needs to stick their hand up and fill these holes with solid programming, and be creative/original, take risks like 10 does, sure not everything is going to fire, but it didn’t for 10 either initially, ie: HotHouse, The Resort and other disasters before it managed to pull itself out of the hole it was in, but these sorts of decisions need to be made sooner rather than later.

    The ideas are there, 9 and the people in charge, don’t seem keen on using them for some silly reason 😉

  14. @Craig. Perth ACA host made same lame joke about there always been room for a bad boy.

    I think Ch9 are at a lost on Tuesdays as Ch7 and Ch10 do have the majority. I guess Ch9 could always show CSI NY.

  15. what took them so long ?
    ANother clue for Nine’s dart throwing programming department – Use some of the decent stuff you plan to use on GO – e.g. Weeds<Survivor put them on a Tues/Weds night and leave them there for 4 weeks solid.
    Otherwise just keep on going down this same old track – different crap shows each week and you will be granted your wish
    Channel Nine – 10th best network in Nar Nar Goon

  16. @ Bindi… All station do this practice Bindi. It makes sense to run one of your top rating shows over time. You get a bigger share of the night. I know I would if I was running the station. At least their EPG is correct.

    On another note, 7PM project was actually good last night. I do believe the weakest link on that show is Dave Hughes. Most of the “pauses” are around when he talks. It seems to be holding its audience now.

  17. It really shows in the ratings that people don’t trust Nine’s scheduling any more. But it’s also a lose-lose situation they’ve get them self’s in. On the one hand, if they don’t change there shows around now to something people want to watch, their ratings wont change. On the other hand, if they swap shows around, people will get fed up with their trigger happy approach to programming and still tune out.

  18. mmm, nines had a terrible week so far really, their numbers should have been up a bit this week with Rescue on Sunday and Farmer back on Monday but they have been soundly thrashed by seven on all three nights and beaten by ten also on two of the nights…

  19. Oh just put a movie on for crying out loud so that at least you can get away with changing the line up each week without looking like total tools!

  20. Nine did better than in the previous week. 20 To 1 was up on 2 1/2 Men & Christine combined over 7:30-8:30pm and did much better than the 8:30 ep last week. 2 1/2 Men did better than last weeks 20 to 1 and Commercial Breakdown did better than CSI:NY. Nine’s new hour is down and that contributes to a lower share. Kitchen Nightmares should go though.

    Nine went from 18.9% to 20.8% share this week while 7 and 10 were down. Gap is closer but Nine is still way behind. We have to wait until next week to see if Go! will help the network out even if it is just a few share points.

    Rafters and Generation were last nights highlights and will continue to dominate for weeks to come.

  21. Did anyone see the ACA report earlier in the night saying views don’t want ‘bad boys’ like Gordon Ramsay any more and she (the ACA host last night, sorry can remember her name) made a crack about ‘apart from late night’ or something like that.

    Well I found it amusing given the crap they then put on last night.

  22. Can someone tell one what exactly Nine is getting from WB for their $2M per week “deal”? The unknown, foreign-accent host of the Commercial thing was truly apalling. I saw 2 mins during commercials on 7. Rumour has it WIN’s Bruce Gordon is acquiring content from suppliers like CableReady (who have the suberb Trauma:Life in the ER which did very well for ABC years ago, plus thousands of hours of all genre) to do “breakaway” programming as they do with WIN WA with TEN content.

  23. i’ve noticed that 10 is deliberately running talkin bout your generation overtime, probably so that people miss the start of packed to the rafters. the last two weeks it finished at 8:42, shows in that timeslot on 10 usually finish at 8:34 at the latest.

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