Online TV boom

Seven and Nine are joining the unstoppable wave of online episodes of our favourite shows.

internet-tvSeven and Nine are catching up to the ABC with plans to expand “catch-up” TV via their online portals Yahoo!7 and ninemsn.

Online streaming of full TV episodes at Yahoo!7 has seen a big increase recently.

“It’s quite stunning,” said Seven’s programming boss, Tim Worner told the Sydney Morning Herald. “It’s way, way over a million a month. I did not expect it to be as big or grow as fast as it has. Each month Yahoo!7 is breaking the records set the previous month for full episode streaming. We have reached a point of audience maturity where it is starting to make dollars and sense.”

Central to the success of free catch-up TV is a revenue model. Ninemsn is looking at a number of options for its expansion.

“I want the consumer to decide,” Ninemsn’s Joe Pollard said. “If we have a piece of long-form content on ninemsn, they can watch it with advertising to fund it or if they want it ad-free they can pay say $2.99 or take a subscription and watch as much as they like.

‘‘We will take as many Nine shows as we have rights to. Once the Warner deal kicks in with Channel Nine it will mean a big explosion in how many shows we will play.”

Nine broke with tradition when it offered its premiere episode of Sea Patrol online in 2007, ahead of its television debut.

TEN also offers a number of catch-up shows and segments of its favourites including Good News Week, Rush, Neighbours, The 7PM Project, Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader? and Recruits.

SBS offers titles including Food Investigators, Food Safari, First Australians, Global Village, Bit of Black Business, mY Generation and Podlove.

ABC’s iView has enjoyed its first birthday with plans to expand unmetered access with more ISPs while Foxtel is on record as wanting to allow its subscribers to view content on screen, online and on mobiles.

So which of our network sites do you use to watch catch-up episodes?

Source: smh.com.au

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  1. too little to late. I stopped watching anything other then sport on tv, and my set top box is always one oneHD. I have become sick and tired of the cointinual delays in programs, and networks that can not invest in a simple clock to run on time.

  2. Network TEN and the ABC are by far the best streaming services available, in my opinion.

    I always catch up shows on Network TEN’s website, especially The 7pm Project which I keep missing. I find Network TEN’s the easiest to navigate and the best designed option.

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