Rove hints at more cast changes

As ten years looms for Rove McManus, he says he's looking at two more faces to add to the line-up.

rvOn Sunday night Rove returns with new cast members Judith Lucy and newsreader Kristy Warner. They join Peter Helliar (pictured), Hamish & Andy and Ryan Shelton.

But Rove McManus says the cast changes may not be done and dusted.

“We’ve got two new faces we’ll probably be seeing before the year’s end as well,” he said.

And his enthusiasm for fronting the show after ten seasons hasn’t waned.

“I’ll gladly do another 10 if everyone will have me,” he said. “We’ll see how we go.

“When we started the show we were at 11 o’clock on a Tuesday night – I would’ve just been happy to just get 10 years in that slot yet alone move into prime time and one of the most competitive slots of the television week,” he said.

In that time McManus has also built up a formidable production house with Roving Enterprises. It has produced Skithouse, Hamish and Andy specials, Real Stories, Before the Game, the ARIA Awards, The 7PM Project Real Stories currently screening on TEN.

Rove will soon chalk up ten years as a show on Nine / TEN.

“And doing some of our best numbers in those 10 years.

“It’s nice to be talking about the show at this point in its life span when it’s doing well.”

Source: Brisbane Times

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  1. You got to remember This Year Rove didn’t have to compete with Greys Anatomy or Private Practice on Sundays.If anything this was a much lighter alternative to those heavy as hell medical dramas.

  2. Why Judith Lucy? I had low expectations when i heard she would be a cast member but tonight just confirmed them.

    She is not, in my opinion, funny and at times just the way she speaks and acts is utterly annoying and so not fitting for a show like rove.

    She should stick to being an unfunny stand up and keep well away from TV.

  3. Roves fantastic – hes so good at his profession! Id love to still have him on my TV screen in 10 years! I do not think the show before, in this case, Idol or MC has an effect on Roves viewers.

  4. @Ryan – Rove was rating in the high 600’s when he was moved from Tuesday. He generally had the OC as a lead in, which was getting poor ratings. As soon as Rove moved to Sunday’s his ratings went above 1 million.

    Without the lead in from the reality shows, he would have been cancelled at least 2 years ago.

  5. my thinking is that after the breif stunt kitty Flanagan did on the the 7pm project (a rove show of sourse), she will become a bit more regular, kinda the way Corrinne grant did back in the day, travel segments etc

  6. This is from left feild. Perhaps the final change will be made in a few years where the show will be called Hamish.

    Rove could then start a new low-key show thats just an interview program a bit like enough rope. Infact If Dentons that busy and cant host I think he would be an allright stand in.

    I know that sounds crazy but it could work but I suggest it because I think Rove would enjoy it.

  7. selma you dont know what your talking about, most reality shows that rate well, viewers drop off im massive numbers when rove comes on and when any other show follows, but he still kept his 1m plus loyal viewers, it has nothing to to with idol or masterchef!!

  8. @Selma, Wow, you really think that Rove’s success is because it follows stupid reality shows? The audience demographics barely even crossover.

    Even though I don’t watch regularly, there’s no doubt it’s one of the most consistently entertaining local shows we have ever had. Rove’s ability to think on his feet and still be very funny is a hell of a talent.

  9. I’m not especially pleased with that, Judith Lucy is good but another newsreader, while Carrie at the News Desk was a highlight of the show for me, would just be exactly the same as before, only they’d call it Kristy at the News Desk. It seems that they haven’t got over the loss of Carrie. And anyway there would be still too many regulars and if they each had their own segment, the show would probably be going for 20 minutes over time. I was hoping that they would perhaps replace Carrie so that there would be somewhat of a female presence in the show, I expected Celia Pacquola because she already had a segment (but Judith Lucy is quite ok too) , and hopefully give Ryan Shelton the boot because Peter Helliar already served as a male regular, and keep Hamish and Andy as frequent guests. That way there’d be only two regulars apart from Rove which I think is the right number.

    Well that’s my opinion.

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