Sea Patrol loses 3 cast members

The tour of duty will end for Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, Saskia Burmeister and Jay Ryan.

spWhen it returns for its fourth series, Sea Patrol will be without three key cast members: Jeremy Lindsay Taylor (Buffer), Saskia Burmeister (Nav) and Jay Ryan (Spider).

Producers Hal and Di McElroy from McElroy All Media confirmed the changes to fansite sea-patrol.com this week.

“Actors doing TV series are usually contracted for 3 series,” said the McElroys. “So departures are always on the cards. Of course in Navy, postings are rarely longer than two years, so there are always regular crew turnover anyway. But of course we’ll miss them. All three are fine actors and we’ve become good friends.”

Producers confirmed the return of Lisa McCune, Ian Stenlake, Matthew Holmes, Kristian Schmid, John Batchelor and Nikolai Nikolaeff.

“All the cast made their decision about staying or leaving at the end of last year. So they’ve accepted and respected each others’ decisions and moved on and we went on to shoot Series 3 as written, and we were very happy with the result.”

Producers also promise new characters for the fourth series, which will extend to sixteen episodes.

Source: sea-patrol.com

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  1. First ET dies :(( – ok one hottie less but now Buffer is gone too ?!!! what the hell?!!! :///
    seriously,the show get’s with each season worse …

    No reason to watch it anymore… -.-
    For me this awesome ”show” ended with the last episode of season 3 …:(

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