The Invisible, Inaudible Family

iiWhile community television rattles the can over funding issues, never let it be said it isn’t pushing the boundaries on content either.

Currently screening on Channel 31 Melbourne is a television sitcom to rival….ummm Fishcam?

The Invisible Inaudible Family is a traditional sitcom, in the vein of Family Ties or Hey Dad! except for one thing -it has no characters.

Yep, it’s literally what it’s title promises: an invisible and inaudible family.

The half hour show, which runs at midnight on Friday nights is set in a traditional family house, with a living room, kitchen and bedrooms. There’s a cosy, welcoming theme tune, and a laugh track.

There just aren’t any characters or dialogue. Even the official website is totally blank.

The show has been put together by Shannon Marinko from The Bazura Project (the show that ‘badgered’ the Logies).

He says, “If you get past the first three minutes, you get a certificate of endurance. Don’t worry if you feel lost watching it – it’s episode nine this week, so you’ve missed all the exposition.”


  1. @ TomK

    Oh, I “got” it. Any idiot could have made a programme like this. I was simply suggesting that a little more thought into the same idea could have given it some longevity. Could you honestly see yourself watching more than an episode or two (let alone multiple seasons) of this show? :-/ It certainly works as a once-off novelty, but it doesn’t have the depth or creative input to last multiple instalments.

  2. @Sillygostly i think you missed the whole point. its clearly meant to be ripping the same old production traits used in every classic multi-camera sitcoms.
    i for one laughed the whole way throughout and couldnt help but be reminded of so many show-everyone must have thought of urkle during the big cheer and pan!
    kinda annoyed i never thought of doin somethin like this myself!

  3. Really, really disappointing. The show would’ve been funnier if household objects moved around (say… bedsheets swaying, utensils clattering, items being thrown around, grooves on the couch to indicate that they’re being sat on etc.)

    The same premise but with stories told only through the power of environmental effects… now that would be cutting edge.

    This is just a pitiful, lazily produced waste of airtime… even if it does air at midnight on a community network. 😛

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