1. AFL is really starting to become the king of Pay-TV as seen by the figures last week. Massive ratings for AFL talk show On the Couch and Sunday twilight footy taking top spot for the week.

  2. Hehe thats a really solid figure for the AFL on Saturday night well done to Ten. Next weekends ratings should be even bigger.
    Pies V Crows next Saturday night will be off the charts in Adelaide and Melbourne and it should be a very close game.
    As we saw with Friday night AFL rating lower than last night a close game of footy can really make a difference in the average over the 3-3.5 hr broadcast.

  3. Go ten! great numbers for afl night game and also for 12 pm game! 10’s coverage of footy is so much better than 7! and ten try so hard to play live games where 7 couldnt give a crap about it!

  4. Ten (and the AFL) will be happy with the ratings of the Brisbane-Carlton thriller, especially in Brisbane where it was just 4000 below the rugby union, which was held at the other part of Brisbane CBD at the same time. Not to mention 576,000 viewers in Melbourne! Let’s hope Seven will show Friday’s semi-final between Western Bulldogs and Brisbane Lions live into Brisbane, given the Brisbane Broncos and Gold Coast Titans don’t start their NRL finals campaign until Saturday night.

  5. Ten News wins in Melbourne (313,000) beating 7 news(312) & 9 news(279) at 6pm slot!! Once again Before the Game wins in Melbourne(399,000) vs AFHVS (322), Great Outdoors(200) and Gardening Australia(154)!!

  6. BM-dog, you’re spot on, but if Australia plays as well as they did last night the viewers will return, but only in NSW @ Qld. More Bris. folk tuned into the Union than the AFL which featured the local Lions.

  7. Rugby union continuing to make absolutely no impression with viewers. I still don’t see why Seven bothers with it, if internationals between Australia and the world champion South African team can’t even crack the half-mil then it’s obviously got no hope as a television sport in this country.

  8. Being Erica had a rather average pilot (suffered somewhat from bad writing and cliches) but the second episode was rather fun and I’ve heard it gets better. It didn’t grab me like Boy Meets Girl though. As long as it doesn’t get too formulaic it could remain a fun series.

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