1. I’m guessing double episodes of The Amazing Race with TV Burp and Double Take being pushed back another hour next week. Why don’t Seven bring back Ugly Betty at 7.30pm thursday because Gary Unmarried tanked.

  2. I don’t think Ten could say that the launch of the “MC Celebrities ” on the 7pm Project was a triumph; A jump in numbers for a Thursday yes, but not what I thought it would get.

  3. Wow, Ch7 cant’ seem to get their Thursday’s right. I suppose at least their ratings are not always perfect. Why would people watch a repeat of a 2.5 Men and not try a new comedy. I don’t watch either as I do not like Amercian sitcoms. Ch9 will keep airing 2.5 men coz ppl keep watching it!?!

    As for Getaway that is doing well. I still don’t know why The Great Outdorrs was gradually scrapped by Ch7.

    Go Rush, it was a great episode last night. Well done, a shame some people missed out on watching it after last weeks good ratings!
    Thanks Nan on the Couch for yuor ravings. Very entertaining. Excpet I didn’t watch the 7pm Project and i still don’t know half of the celebrities!

  4. The Amazing Race took the shine right off Rush, which is down 300k from last week, and TAR up some 300k on what the flops TV Burp and Double Take got at 8.30 last week.

  5. Nana on the couch

    Hullo fello Cyber darlings! Nanna here from the Years for Tears Twilight Home in Cessnock. The girls here at the home need your help darlings. We all sat down with our Tim Tams (dentures in) to watch that lovely Channel Ten show .The 7PM something last night….they were going to announce who the celebrities would be on our favourite show Masterchef – (we were all once whizzes in the kitchen you know!!).

    Well we were all sitting crampt around the breakfast table this morning racking our brains as to who they were and for the life of us we can’t remember. Can you help us pets?? We do recall there was a lovely chap who apparently swims, and another odd looking fellow who seemed to have left his sunnies selotaped to his head…who was he again?…and oh wasn’t there a brute of a man who used to write a book…and oh yes a lovely lass who sang for little kiddies..she did the lovely carols in the domain one year – lovely she was!

    We were all hoping darlings for some of those real celebrities from yesteryear – you know the big stars…we’re big fans of Adriana from Wheel of Forturne – is she going to be a contestant?…and we all feel so sorry for that poor Schapelle – it would be lovely to see that sister of hers Mercedes again – she’s always on our new flatscreen…and Tears for Years still remembers fondly when Tim the Demtel Man paid us all a visit many years ago – we’d love to see him rattle those knives of his!

    Well Nana has spoken – if you can help us darlings we’ll all bake you our favourite Tears For Years Scones next time you visit! Love to All. Nana

  6. @ Studley Dudley
    what the hell are u on about??? the nine weather girl is great! very happy and very animated…. unlike your comments… very dull and dumb! how can u compare her to pauline hanson??? i think u better lay off those pills mate!!
    honeslty!!! lay off mate cos u have no idea….

  7. rush and burn notice were awesome tonight!even 7pm was pretty good, i love seeing kim on the show! ten’s thur are pretty good now except for rules of engagement! now ten just need to get their fridays, what will ten replace sytycd with? maybe sex and the city?

  8. Guy,
    I cant wait for the new season to air on ten in a few weeks as well!

    I think all ncis fans should give LA a go, watch it a few times and then decide if or not to continue. The pilots nowhere near as good as the original according to the US reviews and all that.

  9. Goonies,
    NCIS LA hasnt even premiered in the US yet so how would you know what its like? Its not the same to what we saw in the original NCIS episodes (Legends 1/2), apparently its very different. Im a huge NCIS Fan as well and must admit that I really hope that LA doesnt outdo the original! Hope its a hit for TEN.

  10. I must agree about NCIS: LA. I wont be watching. I didnt like the characters in the crossover episodes and it was quite forced on us. I might watch the pilot but its not NCIS. People will hopefully realise this and it wont do so well. I wonder if Seven are fast tracking Criminal Minds. The cliff hanger with Hotch being shot has left me reeling and wanting to know what happens. Looking at the eps on Seven atm it seems we may get it. As for the original NCIS I cant wait for that one to come in a few weeks. But must say NCIS LA no way.

    Onto Celebrity MC considering this is what the thread is about. They are pretty mediocre celebs and i know the format will vary from the original so i dont know. It could kill the other one. Lets wait and see though.

  11. I am a huge NCIS fan but I really couldn’t stand NCIS LA – so, sorry ryan don’t know if it will be the hit ch 10 are hoping for.

    Might I just say as well, if you are planning a crossover show (NCIS) maybe don’t introduce the new one along with 8 + characters for us to keep track of on top of main cast members!!

  12. @JG, I love your rundown of how the program will unfold. I totally agree with your prophecy. Do you think that they’ll announce another 5 on another night? How many celeb chefs will there be in total?

  13. i said it before and i will say it again, 10 news needs to be moved to 5.30 -6.30 to cut into 7 and 9’s news coverage and t hold onto viewers. this will save money not playing repeats of simpsons and have a better lead in for neighbours.

  14. Awful night for TEN. Celeb MC and NCIS:LA cannot come sooner! And that jam show did very well indeed, beating World’s Strictest Parents (although it was the UK version). Christine having her baby plus Noni Hazlehurst resulted in the funniest ep yet for The Librarians. Tara was also good but pity the numbers are down on the premiere (still beat TEN tho).

  15. Poor Ten take a trick on wednesdays
    7PM a disaster
    simpsons not much better
    L&OUK not good numbers,good show though
    Long way down from masterchef days 2nd last
    come pick up your game TEN
    stick to GO for something different to watch now

  16. lol the 7pm project bombed!! and so did law and order u.k! bring on celeb masterchef and ncis l.a!! neighbours dropped a bit too, prob cause of loser lyn! knowone cares about her! her character means nothing to us! and guess wot! she is now staying past her 6month guest role!!

  17. The last days and first days of the month can be busy in a number of occupations that deal with month end procedures. I know know of quite a few people who typically work longer hours on these particular days and would therefore miss certain programs. That might explain some of the missing viewers.

  18. @ Big Trev – the reason I made th point about the melbourne viewership was to balance your comment about Sydney. At no stage did we enter a conversation about national figures

    As for your comment about why use project for master chef announcement – you clearly have no idea about programming – why attract a million viewers to a show that already attracts a million viewers when you can send a million viewers to 7pm Project to try and help a fledgling show. MC viewers will be given another chance to watch 7pm project which is much better than its first week. However 600,000 is not good result so it is an important show for them tonight.

  19. TEN will axe the 7PM Project, 602k on a Wednesday is appauling, haha! TEN had one of their worst nights of the year last night, bet they cant wait until Celeb MC and NCIS LA premiere.. TEN will be smiling on Wednesdays!

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