Airdate: David Letterman

lettermanNope it’s not The Late Show with David Letterman, but a profile of the world-famous late night host, looking back on his career.

Letterman is a former TV weatherman who once predicted hail stones “the size of canned hams. As a struggling stand-up comic and TV writer his guest shots on shows such as The Gong Show caught the attention of Johnny Carson.

As a result, he eventually became the permanent substitute host for The Tonight Show.

When Carson retired, however, Letterman lost a battle for the coveted seat to Jay Leno and he left NBC, landing at CBS and his own late night show, the celebrated Late Show with David Letterman.

Along the way, Letterman has overcome a determined stalker, emergency quintuple bypass surgery, and several failed relationships, before finding happiness in his marriage to longtime girlfriend Regina Lasko and the birth of their son, Harry Joseph.

It airs Thursday, September 17, at 9.30pm on the Bio Channel.


  1. While Seven was airing Australia’s Letterman rip-off – Steve Vizard – they had an output deal with NBC which stopped Nine broadcasting Letterman here. It wasn’t until he jumped to CBS that Nine could get their hands on him (they had an output deal with CBS at the time), & a week later Seven dropped Vizard & pretended like nothing happened…

  2. @Craig

    They used to play it a whole heap, a few years ago leading up to when The Comedy Channel started to air The Late Show w/ David Letterman (late Saturday/Sunday nights).

    Not sure how long it has been since it was last on, but i wouldn’t mind seeing it again myself.

  3. Yeah, it’s also the VHS I’ve got. I’ve been meaning to buy the DVD, but I’ve been saving it for my next Amazon splurge. Love seeing the NBC exec they used was also used in Seinfeld.

    I’ll pick up the book, as I love reading about the industry. Just got done with reading “Set Up, Joke, Set Up, Joke” by Rob Long, one of the writers and executive producers of Cheers. A really awesome read.

    On that note, it’s also worth having a read of the blog, “By Ken Levine” one of the big names of the eighties and nineties sitcom scene.

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