Airdate: FlashForward

ffFlashForward will air on Monday nights on Seven from September 28th.

Set to air at 8:30pm, the move will shift City Homicide to a regular new home at 8:30pm Wednesdays (extra eps air on Wednesdays from this week).

That puts the new US drama to air just days after its American screening on September 24th.

Seven’s team got a little over-excited by the idea, with bus shelter posters that were due to go up on Sunday night going out much earlier on the weekend. Programming had planned to reveal all today.

Seven has been pinning a lot on the show with its earliest on-air promos as far back as June and strictly controlled screenings to media late last month in place of DVD screeners.


  1. and they bumped My Name is Earl on Wednesdays at 9:30pm for some crime show Not Happy.We had a good lead in show along briefly with How I met your Mother for the Family Guy/American Dad fans out there and this is how channel 7 treat us.
    Everyone who is not into crime shows go buy box sets of My name is Earl,Family Guy and American dad This will show them.

  2. What i dont get is why Seven just didnt put City Homicide on Wednesdays from the start of this series. This year alone its aired on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday and there wondering why it went from 1.7 mil to barely 1.3. Why they would treat there most expensive aussie dram this way ill never know.

    As for Flash Forward, not getting my hopes up, im seeing the next Lost, Heroes and PrisonBreak upon us, a massive US Series which will start off amazing, then lose the plot after 1 season.

  3. saturday night on smith st collingwood i saw a billboard for it, saying the airdate – and thought that it was strange coz i hadnt read the airdate here on tvtonight – now i know they put it up too early! lol

  4. Good on them, now I’ll actualy watch TV on Monday nights. Added bonus that it’s close to the US version, hopefully people won’t do the wron thing by the creators of what is sure to be a great show

  5. Looking forward to this show, looks good, hopefully it turns out that way (unlike other promising shows like heroes, which completely lost the plot in seasons 2 & 3).

  6. I kinda wish it were the other way around.. Surely seven should see that moving shows around to different days will bleed viewers.. CH used to dominate mondays, but now it’s been pulling a bit more average numbers since their sunday swaparoo.. They should keep CH where it is and put Flash Forward in the 8:30 wednesday… Ah well, hopefully CH will continue to do well, cos it’s a great aussie drama!

  7. OK mixed emotions for me. Monday night is a good night for this show, so i’m happy with that but i am so not happy with the treatment City Homicide is getting. In my opinion it would be best to have it on Sunday night. Not change it every bloody season. It’s been on Sunday, Mondays and soon Wednesdays. Sunday is best night for it.

    And now i have City Homicide, Spicks and Specks and NCIS: LA all on at same time and only one dvd recorder. What the hell am i gonna do now?

  8. You have to give 7 credit for continuing to pick up the U.S. blockbuster series. Lost, Heroes, Grey’s, Housewives and now FF. And for the most part they treat them well, or at least wait until the majority of the audience has gone soft on something before relegating it to a later timeslot.

  9. I am predicting a 1.8m min premiere for Flash Forward. The buzz around this show is huge and i cant wait for it. Also it has been given the right night. Wednesday or Sunday would have been a tough gig for a new show. Monday is Sevens launching night and i expect good things from this series.

  10. i was a bit disappointed with this timeslot because of conflicts with other shows, not direct conflicts however, just recording buffer conflicts because no doubt this will run 15 mins late. but i’ll work it out, sunday would have been better though.

  11. Cool, now there is something to watch on FTA on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, all on Seven at 8.38pm! Then Rush on Thursday at 8.35pm.
    Finally more quality programs, and at better time frames, however I hope the move of CH doesn’t lose veiwers, probably not, seeing as there is nothing on Nine and Ten on Wednesdays worth out time.

  12. OMG! Cant wait!
    Such a great timeslot also. It isnt suited to a Sunday night or Tuesday night audience, and wednesday would be too late. So mondays perfect.
    And good that city homicide’s on wednesdays. Its a similare show to criminal minds (same genre) and that always rated well in that timeslot. And with that highway patrol and whatever the other one was airing before it, it should get a good leadin audience. Will Beyond the darklands still be at 9.30?

  13. Yeah, they’re even pre-empting the public reaction by screening promo’s last night proclaiming it ‘Seven’s new hit show’.

    The bloody thing hasn’t even gone to air yet- not sure how that qualifies as a hit??

  14. Very bizarre move by Seven. You would think they would treat their expensive aussie dramas a little better than that. That said, pretty good timeslot for Flash Forward. Near guarantees it will have a very strong sampling.

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