GO! full launch: Schedule

nipWhen GO! has its full launch on October 4th the channel will add titles including Australian premieres of  Nip / Tuck, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Weeds, Father of the Pride and episodes of South Park and Reno 911.

The Vampire Diaries launches next week, Monday September 28th.

The channel will be offering extra block repeating of its primetime shows from midnight. The Partridge Family also appears weekdays at 11:30am. So far GO! is yet to add other titles including The Wire (promised for October), Hell’s Kitchen and Privileged.

From 11th October, GO! gets local with split market commercials around Australia.

And from this Sunday night a new look website launches at www.gochannel.com.au with Catch Up TV, blogs, guides and sneak peeks.

GO! also indicated it is “Coming Soon” to the Foxtel platform, last tipped for late October.

Sunday Oct 4
6:00 Seinfeld
6:30 Wipeout
7:30 The Big Bang Theory (2 eps)*
8:30 South Park (2 eps)*
9:30 Curb Your Enthusiasm S6*
10:30 Weeds S3*
11:00 Movie: Van Wilder: Party Liaison
12:30am * block repeated

Monday Oct 5
6:00 The Flinstones
6:30 TMZ
7:00 Entertainment Tonight
7:30 The Hills (2 eps)
8:30 The Vampire Diaires*
9:30 Nip / Tuck S5*
10:30 Bridezillas*
11:30 Seinfeld
12:00 * block repeated

Tuesday Oct 6
7:30 Survivor *
8:30 The Bachelor: Officer & Gentleman finale (3 eps) *
11:30 Seinfeld
12:00 * block repeated

Wednesday Oct 7
7:30 Seinfeld (2 eps)
8:30 Terminator *
9:30 Fringe *
10:30 Eleventh Hour *
11:30 Seinfeld
12:00 * block repeated

Thursday Oct 8
7:30 Drop Dead Diva *
8:30 Gossip Girl *
9:30 Moonlight *
10:30 Side Order of Life
11:30 Seinfeld
12:00 * block repeated

Friday Oct 9
7:30 Seinfeld (2 eps)
8:30 Miniseries: Frank Herbert’s Children of Dune Pt 3
10:15 Movie: Dune
12:45 Movie: Ali

Saturday Oct 10
6:00 Seinfeld (3 eps)
7:30 Dance Your Ass Off finale
8:30 Father of the Pride
9:00 South Park (2 eps)
10:00 Reno 911 (2 eps)
11:00 Movie: Shaft
1:00 Movie: The Pact
3:00 Movie Liquid Bridge


  1. Hey Whats the name of the song on nip/tucks premiere?it sounds so sick and it starts off “fake movie stars…..” thats all i know lol but i love it…does anybody know it

  2. The Hills Fan

    Where are the next episodes of The Hills? It is listed here as being on tonight ( 5th October) but all other tv guides including GO!’s, have Seinfeld as being on at 7.30 each night, including Monday’s where The Hills are supposed to be airing.
    I’ve checked the TV listings in loads of sites and although GO! has reported they will be airing The Hills on Monday nights at 7.30pm, according to the commercials on GO! they’re not. Lots of conflicting reports, so does anyone know for sure?

  3. I don’t understand why they’re showing Jeannie and Bewitched, when a lot of teens don’t really watch them. Fresh Prince (Will Smith) and What I Like About You (Amanda Bynes) would suit this channel perfectly.

    Maybe they should use these two shows, and make it apart of a youth program. For example, it could be similar to Saturday Disney’s format, and then they can show these two shows, along with music/ movie reviews, gossip, celebrity interviews, cooking, etc.

  4. So if they are block repeating the evening programs after midnight, does that mean they are going to can the afternoon replays from the night before or keep that?
    Still annoyed Speeders and Christine are gone, but maybe when Dance your ass off finish’s they’ll be able to squeeze on a Saturday 7.30/8.00 slot.

  5. @ Cam – what other shows would suit the demographic of this channel? Its aimed at 16-39yos. The shows they have scheduled fit really well. Who cares where they come from?

  6. Is Go showing a single programme that was not made in the USA? Limited original local programming might be understandable at this point, but you’d think they might have been able to get some shows from other countries.

  7. I’m confused, a few have said Just Shoot Me is going, but the programming changes shown are only for the evening, yet JSM is on a number of times during the day. The one shown at 3pm was the first and has been showing the entire series in order, a new experience for channel 9 I’m sure. As there’s no daytime changes mentioned, is it staying?

  8. 1] The ARIA Chart Show after midnight was a joke in that they’d repeat the same videos about 20 times.
    2] Nine haven’t stated if they’ll be fast tracking the Eastwick show, or if they’ll wait a couple months to show it.
    3] Nine haven’t stated what they’re doing with ER season 14 and final season 15. If they’ll be aired on the standard channel over the summer recess, with 41 episodes they’d have to screen double episodes twice a week to get it over with.

    4] Nine need to get the Smallville show back, that they stupidly onsold to Ten. Screen (in double episodes) season 7 (even though Ten screened it on 10HD) and follow with season 8 and final season 9 that’s starting up soon in North America. They could also screen (in double episode format) seasons 1 – 6.

    5] True Blood. Yes it was incredibly stupid for Nine to onsell this to Foxtel, but get season 1 and 2 and show them back to back.

    6] Via their Sony deal, repeat Damages season 1 and follow with season 2 and repeat The Shield from season 1 in double episodes. It’s a joke its brilliant final 7th season from 2 years ago hasn’t got an Aus TV airing, not unless Foxtel have shown it.

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