GO! slates Lord of the Rings

lord-of-the-ringsGO! is planning a bit of a Lord of the Rings fest in coming weekends.

Next Friday, September 11th, it will drop CSI reruns in favour of the first in the trilogy  “The Fellowship of the Ring” at 8:30 pm.

A week later “The Two Towers” will air.

Presumably “The Return of the King” is coming on September 25, but stay tuned for more on that one…

Last time these aired on FTA they actually didn’t get great figures. Everyone’s seen them or got the DVDs. Long flicks are also a big ask when broken up with ads.


  1. Correction: I haven’t seen the third one

    Have the first two on VHS 😛

    When it first came out on VHS (DVD wasn’t quite as popular as now), saw the first one and had just finished the entire book (all three) and I can say it was quite accurate to the book. That’s about it.

    The book itself was written in dull language.

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