Kyle insults Magda

Former Australian Idol judge Kyle Sandilands yesterday said Magda Szubanski could lose weight by spending time in a concentration camp.

magda (2)Former Australian Idol judge Kyle Sandilands yesterday attracted media attention once more when he suggested actress Magda Szubanski could lose weight by spending time in a concentration camp.

He made the comments during his Austereo radio show

When referring to her weight loss deal with Jenny Craig, Sandilands said of Szubanski, “Magda could have another run out of it.

“She could get another season out of them, easy … she’s not skinny.”

He added, “You put her in a concentration camp and you watch the weight fall, like she could be skinny.”

His comments follow his dumping from a high profile television role after a radio prank backfired. While some fans have suggested Idol would do better with, than without him, the latest comments while only make TEN look like it made the right move after all.

Szubanski, whose family is of Polish descent, said to trivialise what happened in concentration camps was abhorrent.

Last night she premiered her new TEN show The Spearman Experiment.

UPDATED: Austereo has suspended Sandilands again. Where was the Dump button?

Source: Daily Telegraph

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  1. I did not want to hear the jokes either as I don’t believe there are any. Concentration Camps and humour just don’t go together. People say comedy should be able to poke fun at anything……I agree but it has to be funny that’s the point. I certainly don’t watch or listen to Kyle and TSE is crap. I think I’ve had enough with this thread now.

  2. i dont think it was hypocritical of kyle to say that because his fat, he can call other fat – thats what he might of been thinking

    i believe in that, as an russian making fun of russian dosnt bother anyone, people are just using this as an excuse to eff kyle up again and for that women who got offended, she chose to be offended – other people can just laugh it up but she chose to be offended and ranted on the website

  3. bit of a witch hunt really. ricky gervais continually gets away with it, he’s slightly more nuanced, but it seems we’re allowed to pick and choose our holocaust jokes and who makes them. not that this can outright be considered a holocaust joke – concentration camps have existed throughout history.

  4. @Someone BBBA “Concentration camps and the holocaust have all been the subject of jokes in the Australian media for as long as I can remember”…. love to hear a few examples of these “jokes” as I have never heard them and I’ve followed Australian comedy for the last 25 years. These are not jokes. South Park (which I don’t religiously watch) would no doubt use this topic but Australian media no. If Magda can sit on the world stage with the Dali Lama and have an intelligent provocative conversation on one hand and make me and thousands others laugh on the other is a 1 in a million talent. All the effort she put into building this great new image away from characters she portrays has been wasted. TEN when you take a risk and it works it really works (MC TBYG TGYH) but when it doesn’t work is a spectacular failure (7pm & too many flops to mention)

  5. I would be the first to put up my hand and declare I wouldn’t mind seeing Sandilands’s head on a platter. What troubles me, though, is that this throw away line would probably not have gained the attention it did had it not been for his previous indiscretion. It was definitely insensitive but, none the less, it was said in jest in a forum renowned for outrageous stunts and bad humour- FM breakfast radio.

    Love Magda but I don’t seem to recall any outrage or personal qualms regarding her appearance on Fast Forward dressed as Sgt. Schultz in a Hogan’s Heroes send up. Half expected to see that video trotted out on ACA or TT this evening.

  6. First funny thing I’ve ever heard Kyle say and it will probably cost him his job.

    He can exploit minors, ridicule people with obvious mental problems and all will be forgiven. Offend those he spoke about and you can pretty much kiss your career goodbye.

    He was trying to be funny & when it comes to comedy no topic should be off limits.

  7. Meh. If anyone else had made the comments it would be a non issue. Concentration camps and and the holocaust have all been the subject of jokes in the Australian media for as long as I can remember. South park is just one of many shows which spring to mind. Then The Ronnie John’s Half Hour did a skit in which they dressed up in KKK costumes to promote a new washing detergent for white clothing, with the catch phrase “It’s not just a cleanser, it’s an ethnic cleanser”. Even Good News Week frequently airs material that is far more provocative than anything Kyle could say without being stoned to death.

    But having said that, Kyle didn’t even make a concentration camp joke. He made a joke about fat people. Adam was spot on in saying that the term “concentration camp” has simply become part of our vernacular. My mother always used to tell me my room looked like a war zone. Does that mean she’s disrespecting the hundreds of millions of people who have died in wars over the years?

  8. I have no idea why, but I felt the smallest bit of sympathy for Kyle after the whole Lie Detector Debacle. After this, that has all but evaporated. Has he learned nothing? Unfortunately though, it’s this kind of behaviour that makes his show number 1 and as long as it’s number 1, we’re stuck with him.

  9. As for Magda’s show … love Magda but for pity sake … yet another pointless clip show with lame, unnecessary and dull coments from “D” grade network “talking heads” ….
    Please, give the woman a decent vehicle for her immense talent … and do the same for Bert on Nine!

  10. Is Kyle having a mid life crisis or something???
    The incident with the lie detector was really stupid, but it was clearly the mother at fault for allowing it to go ahead and for asking the questions … not Kyle … she did it for publicity and got it!
    As for this one … anyone who would be so shallow to make a joke in public about an event so shameful and offensive as the Nazi Extermination Camps … and therefore basically deny that the human race could fall to such unforgivable depths, one human against another… has no right to experience the benefits of public stardom and the pile of money that come with it …
    It horrifies me that so many people are happy to forget and ignore what happened to a race of people who did nothing to provoke it, other than being different … that is how it can happen again!
    Time to go … Kyle!

  11. Fair dinkum Kyle.
    It seems you use these words a lot “It was not my intention to upset anyone and I sincerely apologise to anyone offended by my comments.”
    so obviously it is okay to say …Kyle is a jerk and kyle is stupid as long as i memorise and add the usual sincere (sic) apology.
    Kyle Sandliands your time in the spotlight is over.
    commonsense can be found elsewhere.

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