Returning: Ghost Whisperer, The Amazing Race, Medical Emergency

New eps of several Seven titles are on the way back in early October.

gwSeveral Seven titles are on their way back.

Ghost Whisperer is back with new eps 7:30pm Thursday October 8th. “Birthday Presence” is the first of the fifth series, kicking off in the US tomorrow.

It will be followed by the premiere of Beauty & the Geek Australia hosted by Bernard Curry.

At 9:30pm is The Amazing Race, season 15, which begins in the US next week.

Meanwhile, the on-again, off-again Medical Emergency is back at 8pm Wednesday October 7th, preceded by a Wednesday edition of Border Security.

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  1. Not a bad line up.They have a good lead in to Family Guy and American Dad.

    As long as 7 don’t go back to the bad old days of Medical Dramas on a Thursday Night.I switched off 7 on Thursday Nights right after they replaced Out of the Question with Greys Anatomy

  2. Yay Amazing Race is back on soon. Boooo for the timeslot. Would have preferred 7.30. But i guess it is good that i can watch Glee, then Rush then Amazing Race. But really with the networks going overtime every time it is much easier when 2 shows are actually on same time so i can just record one and watch one, instead of changing channel at end of show and missing the start of the next show.

  3. Peter, no, Amazing RAce isn’t shot in HD due to the many different local TV crews they enlist along the way to help shoot the thing.

    Well, that’s the show’s excuse. Honestly, they could get their local helpers in each country to shoot on HD camcorders and it’d be an improvement on the crappy PQ they have now. Survivor’s shamed them on the HD front.

  4. will this season of the amazing race be in widescreen and HD? hopefully!!
    seems like a great line-up, maybe not a TP winner, but definetly in the younger demos.
    although instead of GW at 7.30, everything shouldve been pushed an hour forward and heroes at 9.30. ill just keep dreaming….

  5. @cindy, no way, B&TG is a great family show and really should be at 7:30.
    but i guess given the competition in the 7:30 and 8:30 slots. 8:30 might be the better option.

    ghost whisperer, didn’t see that coming. but i think it’s a good idea. but i’m disapointed about the wed 7:30 hour. looks like ch7 are back to the old days of 8 factuals a week.

  6. This sched looks very 18-39 and 18-49 friendly, though it is up against Nine who seem to have a knack at getting Thursdays right. Hope Seven have just created the formula for the perfect Thursday and from these three shows here, they may just have! Fingers crossed.

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