Returning: RSPCA Animal Rescue. Airdate: Last Chance Surgery

rspcaarSeven will continue its Tuesday night factuals with the return of RSPCA Animal Rescue at 7:30pm September 15th, followed by the premiere of Last Chance Surgery.

Once again Anthony Field narrates RSPCA Animal Rescue:

RSPCA inspectors raid a property where they suspect roosters are being bred for the illegal blood sport of cockfighting. Vets try to save a foal abandoned by his mother at birth. And a kitten triggers a high-tech rescue operation.

Dr. Kerryn Phelps will narrate Last Chance Surgery:

Meet Shaynae, a bubbly 17-year- old… but appearances can be deceiving. Shaynae has one of the most devastating brain tumours known to man. We also meet Jesse, who at just 20 has already stared death in the face twice, and survived. Now Jesse and his family are facing a new and devastating threat. Tonight we follow the intimate and inspirational stories of these brave young patients’, determined to beat the medical odds with high risk, last chance surgery.

Wedged in between two big hits, this one is bound to do well.


  1. I can’t believe those roosters were killed because “they were bred to fight” What bulls**t.Take the spurs off and they would be no different to any other rooster.Birds that dont know each other will fight.Its called the pecking order.Some roosters were penned with hens…they didnt look tto savage.The roosters were Old English Game birds which at last look were legal to own and breed in Australia….What gives ?Big Brother?As for the shetland Foal why oh why didnt the dopey Vet give Colostrum straight up.Anyone who is involved with animals would know Colostrum is vital for a newborn anything….This show is remarkably Dumb and obviously aimed at at an equally dumb audience.

  2. Bleeding Obvious

    Do people really like these formulaic ‘reality’ shows with their endless repetition of voice over elements that only state the obvious…i.e.” this kitten is cold and hungry, it will be looking for it’s mother”…. NO S..T Sherlock !!! its insulting the intelligence of the audience, but then again, when in the last 20 years has any network taken notice of what viewers think…net execs don’t get paid megabucks for being stupid…

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