Returning: The Mentalist, CSI.

Even more changes at Nine signal fastracked new seasons of The Mentalist and CSI.

mtlEven more changes from Nine for the week of September 27 with fastracking of new seasons of The Mentalist and CSI.

By the time its schedule is complete, Nine will have all but completely overhauled its weekly line-up from its original plans.

Hey Hey also gets a replay later in the week which finally places it on a Saturday…

Monday Sept 28
8:30pm The Mentalist Season 2
9:30pm TBA
11pm Bizarre ER

Tuesday Sept 29
7:30pm 20 to 1
8:30pm Movie: Shrek the Third
10:30pm Litle Britain

Wednesday Sept 30
7:30pm Hey Hey the Reunion
10pm Special TBA
11:30pm Nine News

Thursday Oct 1
8:30pm CSI Season 10
9:30pm NRL Footy Show final (Syd, Bris) 2 hrs/ The Mentalist rpt (Mel)
10:30pm Amazing Medical Stories (Mel)

Friday Oct 2
7:30pm 50 to 1: Queensland’s Greatest Sporting Moments (Brisbane)
8:30pm Movie: Norbit (9:30pm Brisbane)

Saturday Oct 3
7:30pm Movie: Charlotte’s Web
9:30pm Hey Hey the Reunion rpt

Regular shows Money For Jam, RPA, The Gift and Without a Trace are out in this week.

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  1. Seems only NSW and maybe Tas do not have school holidays that week.

    Good thing about the Hey Hey repeat is I don’t have to worry about trying to record it on Wednesday night when it clashes with so much. Considering we would not have watched it at our house untli the weekend anyway, the Saturday repeat time is a great idea.

  2. I expect Beyond the Darklands will stick around. But perhaps Seven could try and create a sci-fi night in re-launching Heroes at 9.30pm? It was only a few years ago that show was rating 2 million viewers a week. Then again with the way the show’s been rating the past few years, its unlikely. But if Scrubs can do it, anything’s possible.

  3. I suppose Ch9 is trying to gain viewers. That is their business. However it is annoying that most of their shows are now in completely different time slots. I was hoping to watch Flash forward. But I am huge Mentalist fan and prefer to watch something I know will be good, and I already know the characters.

    I am annoyed that CSI may take Rush viewers. Hopefully Rush has its loyal fans and people will stick with that. As for the Amazing race Ch7 had not confirmed that timeslot. Now they can find something else??

  4. Looks like a fairly stable lineup – I’m not sure though that CSI will threaten Rush too much, Aussie prefer an Australian Drama and CSI has done its dash here now; last new lot of episode were struggling to stay above 900K let alone beat Rush which has hit highs of 1.3 million this season – and with Rush hopefully benefitting from a strong leadin in Glee all should be fairly safe….I hope.

  5. Nine chopping and changing timeslots? Never seen this before.

    An aging CSI will flog The Amazing Race and may wear down Rush a few hundred k. Mentalist should go back to its old Sunday slot as angelsgal suggested, it was pulling figures of 1.5 mill before Nine boned it and shoved it on Wednesdays.

    Are Nine premiering any new shows at all apart from trash like Secret Millionare and Ladette to Lady? Talk about derivative.

  6. Im a little woried for Rush atm, CSI will have a god soild lead in by Getaway with older Viewers turning in with no comp from 7. Im really suprised they went with the Mentalist on Monday. Its now been on Sunday, Wednesday, Monday, and Thursdays (the latter 2 in repearts) and its only 1 season old. I think they should of gone with Mentalist on Sunday again. Also, they should of Encored Hey Hey at 7:30 to test the Saturday line up of Funiest Home Videos and Hey Hey. Still nine have put up a decent schedule and it should do well for them.

  7. Mentalist opposite FlashForward? Damn it! 300 hours of crappy TV each week, and then the two things I’m most looking forward to get scheduled opposite each other.

    I really wish Networks would get the idea that scheduling a show opposite one with a similar demographic cuts your potential audience in half!

    If you complement the schedule with something to appeal to a different demo, you get bigger numbers! It’s not rocket science.

  8. they also need to slot in Survivors, the forgotten (they say it will be FT’d on their website and in TVweek), ladette to lady, the real hustle, and secret millionaire australia. 9 can potentially build quite a solid schedule.

  9. Well done Nine for changing the weekly line-up. It good to see Nine is fastracking new seasons of CSI and The Menalist, i wonder if they will fastrack the new season of Cold Case on Monday 9.30pm and air the remaining episodes of CSI: NY on Thursday 9.30pm.

  10. Was also wondering tonight where The Apprentice would go.

    Notice Monday 9.30 is TBA and no Drop Dead Diva. What’s happening with this show? Please don’t tell me it’s another one Nine aren’t sticking with.

  11. It’s so good to see Channel Nine repeating the reunion on Saturday nights. It would have been better if it was at an earlier timeslot, but I think it’s good that they decided to put it on at all.

    I hope that Nine also screen Shrek 2, as well as Shrek the Third. It was earlier released that they would on the Monday and it’s a far better movie than the third instalment so hopefully they stay true to their word.

    It’ll be good to see new movies like Charlotte’s Web and Norbit. Yes, the reviews were terrible, but at least Nine are putting on a movie that hasn’t screened a hundred times before.

    50 to 1 will also be interesting too.

    I was thinking the good television was going to end on Wednesday September 30. Looks like I was wrong.

  12. well it’s good to see 9 being competitive on mondays but they sure are not making life easy for CSI and the mentalist up against Flashforward and Rush.

    i wonder where the apprentice will go? would they dare put it tuesday 8:30?

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